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    Corps of Cadets VT

    Hello, If I apply to Virginia Tech with an admission's fee waiver, does this bind me to Virginia Tech or just bind me to the Corps of Cadets if I choose to go to Virginia Tech? The waiver says that, "I have indicated that I will join the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets if offered admission," and I...
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    Navy Nurse Scholarship at Texas A&M

    My daughter is completing her Navy Nurse ROTC scholarship and would like to select Texas A&M as her school. However, the only Texas school listed is the University of Texas. Has anyone else experienced this and know of a work around?
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    If I am planning on attending A&M University next fall, can I be in the Army ROTC without joining the Corps of Cadets?

    I want the experience and opportunities Army ROTC gives without the constraints of being in the Corps, is this possible?
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    Hernia affect on AFROTC scholarship activation???

    Hello all, long-time reader, first-time poster. My son is a freshman at Virginia Tech on AFROTC scholarship. His scholarship has not been activated yet - I believe that occurs after he passes a PT test on 9/26. He was just diagnosed with a minor hernia at the VT clinic. This was a result of...
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    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    What are the order of ranks in the Corps of Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute from least to greatest and what do each of the insignias look like for each rank?? I am very eager to memorize the chain of command and ranks at VMI before I matriculate this fall. Also, what is the application...
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    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets ROTC Waivers?

    I’ve been thinking of applying to Virginia Tech as a cadet, however, I just have once concern, if anyone could help me out. In their handbook for incoming cadets that would “like to fully participate” in the program with or without a scholarship, it states that a DoDMERB Qualification form...
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    Life in Texas A&M Corps of Cadet

    I was just awarded an Army scholarship to TAMU and I have no real idea of what life is like in the Corps of Cadets. I have a few questions: Is it a full time commitment where you wear the uniform everywhere and everyday? Is their time for other things such as fraternities and intermurals? Can...