dodmerb additional information

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    Questions about the actual medical exam

    Just as a quick question. Generally speaking, what does the medical exam (not eye) have in it? What is the procedure, what do you do , or what happens? If not specifically, what happens roughly or most likely? What am I going to most likely or will encounter?
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    DoDMERB for USNA, dealing with a concussion/brain injury

    14 Months ago in early December of my Sophomore year, I got into a mountain biking crash where I had either a brain injury or traumatic brain injury (up to individual doctors opinions). Initially it was a big injury, I had a brain hemorrhage (brain bleed) in a vessel in my brain, but a mild...
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    Remedial Help

    Good Afternoon All, My DoDMERB file says, "Correspondence Posted - Remedial(s) with clin Remedial(s)" and for each academy below, it says, "Current Medical Status: Awaiting Receipt of Remedial." Does anyone know if this means that my Remedial is on file and going to be under review? Or does...
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    Remedial "L2013"?

    Good Evening all, I received an email from DoDMERB asking for additional information. In the email, they said: The requested information is as follows: L2013 R254.20 - 3-day blood pressure check The 3-day blood pressure check is attached to the email, but there is nothing else. Does...
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    DoDMERB Case is "Incomplete-Closed"?

    I took my DoDMERB eye exam and physical in early October and still haven't received any update since October 26th when my file was updated to "Incomplete-Closed". I have emailed the help desk and have done everything I can to find some updates and still know nothing. What do I do now?
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    Issues with Dates and Getting Records: Am I In Trouble?

    Hello, I'm an AFROTC cadet trying to commission in a few years, and I had some DODMERB questions I was hoping someone might be able to answer. 1. I was prescribed a Bronchial Dilator (Which is, At least the way I understand it, a temporary inhaler to help when you have something like...
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    CVS Pharmacy Records Request

    Hello all! I won a 3-year AD Army ROTC scholarship, and, to become medically qualified (hopefully), I need to submit my pharmacy records from the past four years. My local pharmacy is CVS, and it has been recalcitrant to giving me my records. So far, I have faxed them thrice, created an account...
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    DODMERB Additional Medical Information

    Received an email from a USMMA admissions officer requesting additional medical information. I’m not sure if there are forms I need to fill out or if these are like paragraph numbers (like “pursuant to/in accordance with document R paragraph 251 sentence 22”?) Thanks for your help! Here’s the...