DODMERB Additional Medical Information


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Oct 14, 2019
Received an email from a USMMA admissions officer requesting additional medical information. I’m not sure if there are forms I need to fill out or if these are like paragraph numbers (like “pursuant to/in accordance with document R paragraph 251 sentence 22”?)
Thanks for your help!

Here’s the email:

Please resubmit:
—R251.22 --- DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: PLEASE resubmit with all records pertaining to the evaluation and treatment of [xyz]. Please include clearance for unrestricted activity.

—R209.99 --- DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: PLEASE resubmit with applicant’s signed and dated personal statement regarding the previous 3 months: 1) upper body fitness 2) [xyz] symptoms, with approximate dates and surrounding circumstances, 3) interventions for [xyz] symptoms, 4) impact on work, school, sports, fitness participation.


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Apr 14, 2009
No forms necessary. Just get records and a letter from doctor stating clearance for unrestricted activity. Answer the 4 questions honestly. Get this AMI back to the academy ASAP (read tomorrow.). Do whatever you have to do to get your doctor's help with part one. Admissions obviously wants to offer you an appointment or they would not be requesting this additional information. Both my KP kids had to submit AMI and both were offered their appointments the day they got the info to Admissions. Good luck.