1. Military Bound

    Enlisted and NROTC Midshipman Relationship

    Currently in a difficult situation, and I am taking it to this trusted and reliable community. I am a 4/C MIDN in NROTC ( Navy option currently on prep year, so next I'll be a 4/C again according to the Navy), and I'm talking to this one girl who is an E-3. I have been taking it cautiously at...
  2. A

    Relationship Between Officer and Enlisted

    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 3 years now and we have decided to go into the CG but she wants to go to the academy and I want to go active duty. I was told that we cannot be dating when she is in academy and I’m active. We really want to stay together but can’t find what to do/ how...
  3. K

    relationship officer and enlisted

    so currently, i am a rising sophomore at the academy who is interested in being a pilot, and i ended up meeting someone who i really like and plans on enlisting in the air force. i have heard stories of officer and enlisted relationships working, but would this be one of those time when an...
  4. B

    Fraternization Policy?

    Im hoping there are some of you who know the answer to this. I am enlisted in the Air Force and have been in for a long time. I met a navy officer online and we’ve been seeing each other for awhile - they knew my rank from the get go and we continued a relationship despite knowing it probably...
  5. I

    Cadet dating rules

    I'm currently at usafa prep and am starting my fourth quarter, and I'm confident that I want to continue and eventually graduate from usafa. However, I've been hearing rumors around the prep school about rules that cadets must follow when dating. I'm currently dating my boyfriend of two years...
  6. M

    Dating at the AF (prior relationship)

    So I have a friend at the USAFA. I am applying to go there next year. Our relationship is somewhat romantic and I expect someday we will date. That is, if we’re allowed to. I know fraternizing is not allowed normally. But he has told me he filled out paperwork saying that we had a prior...