1. M

    AFROTC GPA Calculations

    Hello, I was wondering if I were to withdraw from one of my current courses, would AFROTC calculate the "W" as a zero/"F" or does the "W" not get calculated into your CGPA? I know that on my official transcript my grade would show as a "W" and it won't affect my GPA, but I am unsure as to how...
  2. cama93

    Do I still have a chance at admission given my grades?

    I am worried that my grades are too low to be competitive at WP. Freshman year I received all A's, and my sophomore year I got one B per semester and the rest were A's. I take all available AP courses and the rest are Honors classes, I also take classes at a community college. I am going into my...
  3. A

    Care to Chance me for AFROTC Scholarship?

    Hello everybody. I'm a male junior in high school who is rather familiar with the AFROTC scholarship application process. I was wondering if anybody familiar with the tendencies of the boards in awarding scholarships by type would be willing to give me a general idea of the likelihood of...
  4. JustAdNauseam


    Hi, I'm not sure if there's already a fitting answer out there for my question as I can't seem to find it myself. Please redirect me if there is. :help: In my circumstance, I go to a high school that isn't exactly the best. It struggled to achieve AYP for a couple of years, is underfunded, and...