1. N

    What was your cumulative HS GPA apon acceptance to usafa?

  2. M

    USNA or USAFA what are my chances?

    I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm interested in either attending USAFA or USNA but I'm in a sticky situation. This semester wasn't a particularly good one for me, and while I normally perform very well in school I ended this semester with a 3.6 weighted GPA and a 3.16 unweighted with (as...
  3. C

    7th & 8th semester

    Hey all. Just got my offer of appointment a few days ago. Wondering approximately what GPA I should try to maintain for the remainder of my senior year (I had a 3.88 unweighted through my junior year), and if there are any classes I'm in right now that I would be able to drop next semester...
  4. F


    Good day everyone! My son has received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship. We are looking through the paperwork and are wondering what the GPA requirements are to keep the scholarship from year to year. We can't seem to locate this. TIA!!!
  5. B

    GPA and ROTC

    Hello, I am currently a high school junior with a decently high gpa going into the start of the school year( possibly around 3.8). I have all honors courses and 1 AP course currently, and in the honors courses have all 96's and above but in the AP course I have a 75, which seems like it is going...
  6. W

    Will my sloppy Freshmen and Sophomore years destroy my chances at getting in?

    I'll leave it short and simple(as much as I can): Im a three sport athlete, Boys State graduate, and AP student who is also active in school leadership roles while also being a member of volunteering groups. My SAT english is in the 75 percentile of last years graduating class at USAFA and im...
  7. M

    What does the application for S.L.E. look like/What are optimal S.L.E. test scores?

    What does the application for S.L.E. look like? What questions are asked and what do you have to supply in terms of test scores and G.P.A.? Additionally, what are optimal S.L.E. test scores when applying in terms of the S.A.T.? Thank you so much for your help!
  8. E

    Running Start/ Chances of getting ROTC scholarship

    Running Start/ Chances of getting ROTC scholarship What are my chances of getting an NROTC(MO) scholarship? My goal is to become a commissioned officer but money is tight. I'm going to graduate in 2018 from my high school and receive an AA and an AB from a nearby community college. My ultimate...
  9. J

    ACT/SAT Scores and Grades

    I took my ACT and SAT in January and I received a 22 and a 1030. I'm aiming for a 30 on my ACT to be able to get an appointment to the academy. As of my grades, my gpa is a 3.33 and I have mostly a's and b's. I am also taking an AP class this year and multiple honors classes. I am also taking...
  10. P

    Chances/advice to increase them

    What are my chances of acceptance into a military academy? Here is a basic run down of me up until my current junior year. 3 time varsity football player - Defensive Player of the year Award, District Player of the year award, many all star selections, will be team captain my senior year, hold...
  11. F

    Refigured GPA

    Does anything on the USAFA Portal change when they refigure your GPA? My GPA has been the same on the portal since October and it still says "(Your GPA listed may be refigured by USAFA and may not match the GPA reported by your school.)" Does this mean that they have not yet refigured it, or is...
  12. flygirl17

    How Do I Stack Up?

    I'm a HS junior planning on applying to the USNA and USCGA for the Class of 2022, because I come from a Navy family and the Coast Guard mission appeals to me. I'm wondering how my academic and athletic stats stack up with other people in my situation and/or people that have received appointments...
  13. flygirl17

    Academic Stats/Junior & Senior Schedules in Line?

    I'm a current junior who is tentatively applying to two service academies- my family is a Navy fam so I will be applying to USNA, and USCGA because their mission appeals to me. Lately I've been really worried about how my academics will stack up. In early December I emailed the track coach for...
  14. Maverick19

    Cadet Class Ranking

    So I've been browsing the forum looking for a definitive answer as to what exactly factors into your class ranking as a cadet outside of GPA and PT scores. I know there is weight on extracurricular activities, volunteering, and sports but I was hoping someone could outline it on here. I was...
  15. Potential Pilot

    Does GPA determine AD at KP

    Good evening. I am a sponsored prep at Nmmi and I am going through a dilemma. I would absolutely love Kings Point, and I am interested marine transportation but I would love army AD as an aviator. When applying for AD from the academy, how much does GPA factor in to your choices? I could do rotc...
  16. ElectedTuna

    GPA Refiguration?

    Hi Everyone, So I completely finished my application meaning that I received my nomination, medical status, etc. The last item I had to send in was my college transcripts. They were processed last week but my GPA didn't change at all. I was expecting it to go up considering that I took...
  17. AeroJH

    Reapplicant College GPA

    Good morning everybody, A quick question on how USAFA admissions looks at college GPA for reapplicants. What is considered a competitive college GPA? I am a declared Aerospace Engineering major currently taking a 20 credit course load. The classes I am taking are Calculus 1, Physics 1, Intro...
  18. N

    Am I done for???

    Today my school released its class profile and my gpa does not place me among the top 25% of my class. West Point's acceptance profile shows 70% placing within the top 5th. Are my chances basically none now? My school also doesn't rank.
  19. S

    AFROTC tech major GPA question

    Hi all, I'm going into my AS200 year, but I'm struggling in Aerospace engineering and I have calculated that the max GPA I can get before field training packets get sent to HQ is 2.97. That's assuming I get straight A's come fall. I'm on a type 7 scholarship and I can financially afford to...
  20. C

    What are my chances?

    I have played 3 sports every year since freshman year and I am currently a rising senior. I am secretary of the National honor society and a member of the science club. I got a 1360 on the NEW SAT out of 1600. My weighted gpa is a 4.7 and unweighted is a 4.0. I would like to know if I stand...