1. B

    How is GPA looked at?

    Hi, I had a quick question on how your HS GPA is taken and handled within the admissions office at USAFA. I started off high school badly, I was extremely focused on my sport and definitely spent minimal effort school wise. This left me with a Freshman Year GPA of around 3.3-3.4 unweighted and...
  2. B

    2.0 at USNA vs 2.5 NROTC

    Why does Big Navy have different GPA requirements for NROTC mids and navy mids? NROTC mids take the same classes and often have worse professors. Is there logic behind this?
  3. M

    Keeping ROTC Scholarship

    Hi, I have an Army ROTC Scholarship but I'm afraid I will loose it. I am hopeful I can keep it above a 2.0 but what happens if I don't? Do I have to pay back the tuition for the previous semester(s)? Thank you,
  4. W

    Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA

    I am a high school junior and I want to go to West Point, but I am concerned about my class rank and GPA. I attend a very rigorous New England boarding school, where 99% of students go on to attend a 4-year college and the average GPA (unweighted) is 87 for the entire school. My school both does...
  5. B

    Major Increase in 7th Semester Transcript GPA

    I have recently had my official 7th semester transcript requested by U.S.M.A. Fortunately my GPA this semester rose considerably compared to my average GPA across high school. (4.5 and 3.79 respectively) Other then conventional wisdom such as -it couldn't hurt-, does anyone have sense of how...
  6. L

    I'm a little concerned

    Ok, so the first review board didn't give me an offer and told me to wait till the next review board to receive an offer. I'm concerned this means I'm not going to get any offers at all which would really suck cause I've already been accepted to my dream school (Which is VMI). I wouldn't be able...
  7. B

    GPA, class rank, and other questions

    I am currently a junior in high school, with an approximate GPA of 3.6. This worries me b/c I have researched average GPA's of Midshipman and they are around 3.8. I am taking challenging IB courses and have little "padding" from classes that aren't very difficult. I am somewhere around the...
  8. H

    Grades Importance

    I have a high and competitive GPA, and I'm taking competitive classes, but my math grade happens to be my lowest. I want to major in aeronautical engineering, so I was wondering how bad it looks on my application that my math grade is my lowest grade (though it's an honor class). I have a lot of...
  9. J

    Will I qualify for a scharship?

    Hi Everyone, I'm in Army ROTC and just had my PT test this morning, and got a 257/300. My GPA is currently a 2.72. Will these stats be sufficient enough to qualify me for a scholarship? Im a second semester sophomore, MS1 cadet and Biology major. If I dont qualify this semester, would I be...
  10. C

    My chances at an appointment

    Hi, I’ve been surfing the forums for a few weeks now but have just gotten around to actually making an account, and I have one aching question: what are my chances? Some stuff about me: I am an Illinois resident (IL-11) however, I currently live overseas in Belgium. I am a senior and attend an...
  11. G

    Average GPA?

    Just wondering but does anyone know what the average high school unweighted and weighted gpa is for cadets? I know about 80% are in the top 20% of their class but does anyone know their actual high school gpa?
  12. M

    GPA to become a developmental engineer

    Hey, So I'm currently at an engineering university as a junior electrical engineering student in the AFROTC with hopes of being an actual electrical engineer in the Air Force. My GPA is about 3.4, I generally get 100 on the PT tests, and I was top 3rd in field training (not that the last two...
  13. G

    How do I look so far

    I realize that it is impossible to get a yes or no answer when asking what my odds are of being accepted into an academy so I am looking for feedback on ways to improve my application and the best way to go about doing it. High School Sophomore (HS Class of 2021) I go to a large 4A private...
  14. anna.polis2024

    Save the GPA?

    As I have come into my junior year of high school I have found that managing my time and the academic difficulty of my classes has been a huge road block for me. I am taking Chemistry, Leadership Development in Action, APUSH, Guidance Assisting, AP Lit/Comp, AP Environmental, Strength and...
  15. 11BravoArmy

    Chances of getting into USMA (West Point)

    I am going into my junior year and my dream is to get into West Point. The only problem is I did not realize this until halfway through sophomore year. I have started working very hard and pursuing better grades and leadership status. My freshman year GPA was a 3.1 (4.0 scale). Sophomore year...
  16. 8

    USMA Advice Needed

    My situation: I had an outstanding high school career (valedictorian, all 12 varsity letters, multiple leadership positions/awards). I was accepted to the Coast Guard Academy straight out of high school, but I decided that the Coast Guard wasn't the branch for me. However, I have not been...
  17. T

    Taking Easy Classes In College to boost GPA? (higher chance of getting active duty)

    I heard some people talking about taking easy classes in college to boost your chance of getting active duty slot. GPA obviously counts the most along with your physical fitness. Should I take/do "easy" college classes/major to boost my GPA? And IF so, what classes do you recommend?
  18. N

    What was your cumulative HS GPA apon acceptance to usafa?

  19. M

    USNA or USAFA what are my chances?

    I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm interested in either attending USAFA or USNA but I'm in a sticky situation. This semester wasn't a particularly good one for me, and while I normally perform very well in school I ended this semester with a 3.6 weighted GPA and a 3.16 unweighted with (as...
  20. C

    7th & 8th semester

    Hey all. Just got my offer of appointment a few days ago. Wondering approximately what GPA I should try to maintain for the remainder of my senior year (I had a 3.88 unweighted through my junior year), and if there are any classes I'm in right now that I would be able to drop next semester...