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  1. A

    Congressional Nomination Essay: Why do you wish to attend a service academy?

    Here is what I wrote (I am open to any criticisms or advice. Tell me what you think): I wish to attend a service academy as an opportunity to serve my country as an army officer to the best of my ability. Joining the military has long been a goal of mine, and I aspire to join a service academy...
  2. B

    Nomination Essay - Feedback

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you could give me some feedback on my essay for my service academy nomination. Just to let you know I wrote this in an hour or less so it may not be very good grammar wise, but be as critical as you can possibly be. Here is my essay below **REMOVED**
  3. G

    Anyone wanna critique my nomination essay for Senators?

    Hello, I'm from California and I will be turning in nomination applications to both senators pretty soon, so if anyone would like to give me any feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me if you would like to(for obvious reasons). Thank You Very Much! P.S. Good Luck...
  4. eaab08

    Help with essay!

    Hello everybody! This is my first post here. I was hoping for advice on my usna nomination essay. My current answer feels like it's taking the question too literally: do y'all think that they want me to tie in personal experiences or take a different route? Anything is appreciated, especially...
  5. W

    Nomination Essay Assistance

    Salutations, I am a re-applicant to USNA and currently in the process of completing my MOC Nomination application. I have made it through the bulk of the application, but have run ashore on the essay topic. My ultimate goal with my essay is to leave a lasting impression with the MOC board...
  6. S

    Seeking revisions for nomination application essay

    Hello, all! I'm currently working on nomination application and hoped you all may have some tips for my essay. I have numerous others looking over it, but you all have a great understanding and experience. This is just the first draft, so please feel free to tear it apart. :) Essay prompt: Why...
  7. GA5Fighter

    Congressional Nomination Essay Help

    I am rewriting my congressional nomination short essay. It asks "why do you want to attend a service academy ." Should I make a general statement or should my response be focused on my top pick (USMA)?
  8. GA5Fighter

    Critique my nomination essay for USMA?

    If possible, can an experienced user who has been through the admission process PM me to review my Service Academy nomination Essay?
  9. M

    Nomination Essays

    Hello, In the process of applying to the Vice President, Congress, Senator, and etc. for a nomination, I have noticed a reoccurring essay prompt, "Explain your reasons for wanting to attend a military service academy." Once I have completed and polished this essay, can I copy and paste it and...
  10. usafanick

    Nomination Essay for Senator Warren

    I've been scrolling through this thread today and I saw the abundance of advice given to people who posted their drafts of essays here. Well, conveniently I happen to be applying for a nomination from Senator Elizabeth Warren. In my application, there is a writing prompt which reads: Please...
  11. cajunrouge2021

    Do I need to talk more about what I have to bring to the table in my nomination esssay?

    Currently this is what I have. I think I need to work on my closing but do I also need to talk more about what I have to bring to the table? IV: PERSONAL STATEMENT Using a separate sheet of paper, please explain why you want to attend the United States Service Academy of your choice in 500...