northwestern prep

  1. FlyFalcon

    Northwestern Preparatory School C/O 2021

    Hello Everyone! It was advised to me by the awesome @Hopeful Mid 2024. To make an NWP thread so here one is. After receiving my Falcon Foundation Scholarship, I decided will be attending NWP with the Falcon Foundation Scholarship. It would be amazing to see who else would be at Northwestern...
  2. B

    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    I had posted earlier about whether or not to accept a falcon foundation scholarship; however, I neglected to ask which one should I attend for the best chance of earning an appointment next year. I already have the scholarship, but I need to pick a prep school by the end of the week. Any...
  3. J

    Northwestern Prep

    Let's start a thread for students going to NWP this Fall! I'll start: I'm from Georgia, and I got a Falcon Foundation Scholarship and chose NWP. I've talked with Mrs. Durbeck a lot with in the past few weeks. While I am by no means an expert, I think I've learned quite a lot from both Mrs...