1. Jgbmom

    Joined in 2011 as a parent - now a grad mom

    I joined the Service Academy Forum in 2011 to assist my son's information gathering efforts regarding the United States Military Academy admissions, nominations, appointments, alternate choices, etc. The forums are amazing and the administrators do an amazing job to keep it real, objective and...
  2. E

    Parent Information?

    Hello, I am currently filling out my application for USNA, however, I noticed that it is required to submit information for a step-father or a father. I don't really have information about my biological father. So I was curious what do I do?
  3. ktnatalk

    Class of '19 2/C Parents Weekend

    Class of 2019 2/C Parents Weekend will be held in Annapolis beginning Friday 22 Sep through Sunday 24 Sep 2017! Details will be posted at (Currently it still has info for 2016.) Source: USNA Parent Community And you thought your DD/DS left for Annapolis...
  4. U

    Will my parents find out I smoked weed once?

    Hello, I have my medical exam tomorrow for DODMERB, but my parents went out of town today, and since I am 17, they will just be calling during my medical exam tomorrow to verify my medical history. My medical history was filled out on my own and completely truthful, I have smoked weed once in my...
  5. JustAdNauseam


    We're dropping off our son for the Candidate Visit Weekend tomorrow and heading back to stay with a nearby (by that we mean 2 hours away) family member. However we're a bit puzzled by this in the confirmation e-mail: "If you are driving, and the driver is a member of the military, you can drive...
  6. V

    Parental Consent

    Hey everyone, I'm a candidate for the USAFA, USNA, and USMA (I received a nomination for the USMA). So far, everything has been flowing smoothly, however there is one major hiccup that I'm running into. I know that, should I receive an appointment, I would need to have a parental consent form...