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    What is an average Air Force ROTC fitness score?

    Hey Everyone, I am a decently fit guy and I have trained a bit over the last few months (nothing crazy, but a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups each day and runs periodically). I have been working specifically to improve on the Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness Assessment. What is a standard or...
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    ROTC Physical Fitness Assessment

    I got 54 pushups 47 curl ups 7:30 mile time As a male should I take it again? I completed this test within the much more difficult service academy CFA, so I was a little tired out and my scores aren't as good as they could be, but I don't want to take it again if it's not worth it. My SAT is...
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    Did I pass the CFA (approximation)

    Pullups: 11 Situps: 74 Basketball Throw: 71 Mile: 6:43 Shuttle run: 8.6 seconds Pushups: 44 I'm aware that there are no published minimums, I am asking for your guys' opinion. I'm afraid I failed because of pushups, however, I believe I exceeded the averages in almost all the other...
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    Failed PFA

    So I failed my PFA(Physical Fitness Assessment) this semester for AFROTC. My first semester I passed with an 80 something. This semester though I haven't had as much time to workout as I would like and I failed the PFA by like 6 pushups, only doing like 27 when min was 33 or something. Now I...
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    AROTC PFA Scores

    Hello fellow aspiring officers, I took the physical fitness assessment (PFA) for the 4-year AROTC Scholarship today, and I think I did well. However, I don't know how well I did relative to other AROTC Scholarship applicants because Cadet Command hasn't posted a percentile-based chart of the...
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    PFA-Air force and Navy ROTC application assessment

    Hello, I have completed everything on my NROTC and AFROTC applications besides the PFA. Since I'm a dual enrollment student I have not attended my high school for a couple of years and I don't know any of the PE teachers. I see that on the AFROTC AFA it says that it must be a high school...
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    AFROTC Scholarship Questions: College Majors and the PFA

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and just recently made an account here, but I've been reading theads for a while now. I have a fews questions regarding the AFROTC Scholarship: 1) When you list three majors on the application (if it's not three, please correct me) is the scholarship tied to one of...
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    Care to Chance me for AFROTC Scholarship?

    Hello everybody. I'm a male junior in high school who is rather familiar with the AFROTC scholarship application process. I was wondering if anybody familiar with the tendencies of the boards in awarding scholarships by type would be willing to give me a general idea of the likelihood of...