1. A

    Marine PLC Aviation Contract VS AFROTC

    I would like to be a pilot in the military. I will be starting at a university in a few months and I am trying to weigh my options. I am quite interested in AFROTC, but, I don't like the uncertainty of getting a pilot slot. A few weeks ago I found out about the Guaranteed pilot slot through USMC...
  2. FutureMarine07

    USNA Marines

    Less Broad Questions: Are there any extracurriculars that would help for USNA training/NROTC/PLC/OCS? Or Marine Corps enlistment? If I don't get into USNA, should I enlist, do college part time with reserve duty, or go NROTC/PLC/OCS? Does Duke or NC State have good NROTC programs? If not...
  3. soph4

    NROTC at UCSD or Platoon Leaders Class at Cal Poly SLO

    I have been offered admission to both schools as a political science major. I did not receive the NROTC scholarship but my friend who is in the San Diego unit said that I could most definitely get the college program scholarship within the first year of doing it. Therefore, both schools would be...
  4. A

    Air National Guard pilot slot vs Plc pilot slot vs rotc pilot slot

    Hey all, I will be heading into plc this summer as an aviation contract. However, I’m curious to know other options/ paths to becoming a pilot preferably a fixed wing one. I know for plc there is the aviation contract that guarantees you flight school contingent upon you finishing plc, but...
  5. B

    NROTC- Marine Option PFT Score

    I have been told by my recruiter that anything below a 275 is pretty much uncompetitive and a 290 is still incredibly worse than the perfect 300. I used to be higher, but as of right now, I am at a 200-215. Is this too low? Also, is this PFT too low for PLC too?
  6. B

    Marine PLC without enlisting?

    I am applying to the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship, but I do not know if I am all that competitive. My recruiter was always talking about enlisting and then going to PLC during college. I am all for that option, except I do not want to miss school. I would be missing my first semester at...
  7. N

    NROTC vs plc help!

    Hi everyone, I would love some advice! I am currently studying cyber security at a community college. I would ideally like to finish the associates and transfer to complete my BS in two years, starting fall 2020. I would love to do NROTC marine option - however, I would like to do advanced...
  8. J

    ROTC no longer an option... PLC?

    Hello all, I have had the craziest year so far from being awarded a scholarship to NROTC, to losing it to a medial DQ that was not waived, but then finding out that the AMI I submitted was not processed 6 months later... But long story short I'm now looking into the PLC program since losing my...
  9. D

    Marine Corps PLC Financial Assistance Program Repayment after Withdraw

    Hello everyone, I would like to thank you in advance if you have some knowledge to share with me on this issue. When I was an officer candidate for the Marine Corps through the Platoon Leaders Class program, I was enrolled in the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) which gives money to...
  10. J

    NROTC Marine Option Rejection

    I just received my rejection letter from the NROTC Marine Option 4 year scholarship board and I have a few questions: 1. Does this mean I will be deferred to the later board in February? The letter said I was not selected for the 4 year scholarship but it did not include anything about me being...
  11. themainmane


    What would be my Date of Initial Entry into Military Service if I joined Marine PLC my freshman year of college. I'm asking because I'm trying to find a way that I can join the Marines and have the option of either the new retirement plan or the old one down the road.
  12. C

    Marine Option at VMI

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I am currently scheduled to matriculate at VMI this August as a rat of the Rat Mass of 2017+3. I have selected Marine Option as my ROTC choice, and I was hoping that some current/former Marine Option Cadets could answer a few questions. Note that I am on an...