NROTC- Marine Option PFT Score


Aug 14, 2017
I have been told by my recruiter that anything below a 275 is pretty much uncompetitive and a 290 is still incredibly worse than the perfect 300. I used to be higher, but as of right now, I am at a 200-215. Is this too low? Also, is this PFT too low for PLC too?
200-215 isn’t very high for MO ROTC or PLC. It is suggested to target 275 or above for these types of applications. Remember pull ups are the easiest way to pick up points compared the run. Sit ups should be a max.
I was going to ask a question about this but thought I might not like the answer. My DS had to re-take the PFT in January for the second Marine Option board. The results were less than hoped (i.e. two points below first class/not great score on crunches). So, I know we're all aiming for the 300, and that physical fitness is critical for Marine Option. However, I read an article on another post and to paraphrase, it hints that they are looking for a very good score, but also know they have 4 years to work on the physical aspect. So while no one can say exactly what weight is given to PFT versus other things, two questions: 1) Is there any chance they look at a very strong athletic record in high school (four-year varsity sports/two captain positions) and allow that to balance a less than stellar PFT score, especially if academics, leadership is otherwise fairly good? And 2) If you do fairly well on two out of the three, any chance that is taken into consideration, or is it purely the total score (e.g. your crunches were a little low)? I know I might be looking for speculation here, or possibly someone has experience to share; anyone?
None of us know in reality. What we can tell you is what either we or their DS/DD have seen over the years. I have not seen anyone get a scholarship or contract with less than a first class score. Have there been, maybe, but I haven’t seen it. There isn’t a ton of traffic on this board for Marine programs. And in reality it is not 4 years to get in shape. It is 2 years until they attend OCS. The physical standards at OCS are very high. Anything less than a 250 (and reality is more like 275) is unacceptable. It is the #1 candidates drop. Anything below a 1st class as an officer unacceptable. Heck I know in some grunt units anything below at 275 gets one out on remedial PT. Keep working at work and show up with a scholarship or not in the best shape possible .
I agree with my fellow posters. Can't remember a scholarship winner providing details where they noted a 2nd class score. I am sure it probably happens but the odds have to be very low.

Believe my DS was held to the standard that you had to have a 250 to be sent to OCS. Not sure if it was university specific or USMC standard. I agree with Hoops that failure to meet physical standards at OCS is the #1 drop category - and this is despite two years of preparation at the candidate's ROTC unit.

Also agree with Hoops that anything below 1st class as an officer is unacceptable.

If you do fairly well on two out of the three, any chance that is taken into consideration, or is it purely the total score (e.g. your crunches were a little low)?

Based on my experience and that of my son (current USMC Officer) I don't recall anyone calling out an individual score (as long as it met the minimum). The focus was always on the total score. That said, you might get some grief as a male Marine if you can't max pull ups and sit ups - running was always very individualistic.