1. N

    Reapplying/Readmission into The Citadel

    Hello I am trying to go back to The Citadel. I was at The Citadel in 2021 and 2022 unfortunately I had trouble with the room inspection part and had to leave both times. I did Seacadets since I was 14 years old to when I was 18 and achieved the rank of Po2. I also went to Jrotc CLC at The...
  2. S

    Re-applicants who got in, what do you think that made you get in the 2nd/3rd/4th... time?

    I have been going over my application last year, trying to assess myself. I was found "fully qualified", but didn't get in. I asked myself, was it either the test, the essays, or the fitness test? Or even all of them? It doesn't help the fact that I am international, so I am assuming that the...
  3. N

    college reapplicant: can I re-use last year's teacher recommendations for congressional nomination?

    I assume not, but figured it doesn't hurt to ask. Didn't see an answer to this on USNA or USAFA's websites. I'm not sure how well my college professors are gonna know me by the time recommendations are due, but I'll do my best to leave a good impression.
  4. S


    It has been a fun run, full of hope and anxiety. I received this letter back in early May, I think. After the initial panic wears off, the fact that you got rejected doesn't feel as bad as you'd think. But what now frustrates me is not knowing what led me to be rejected. Was it academics? SAT...
  5. M

    For those of you who received a TWE and want to try again.

    I'll keep this short and sweet but just in case some of y'all didn't know you can contact your admissions representative for your region and review your application one-on-one with them. I recently did this and found it to be extremely useful as they will tell you what you did right and what you...
  6. D

    Non School-Sponsored Sports

    Hi all, just have a quick question about school-sponsored vs non school sponsored competitive sports. A quick background: I applied my senior year of high school and lost my admission because of a failure in the paperwork of a blood test. Since then, in starting my sophomore year of college, I...
  7. T

    Possible LOA - Reapplicant for Class of 2023

    I just got a call from an admissions officer and she is willing to offer me a letter of assurance (LOA); however, as a reapplicant she stated that I must first pass the CFA! So, the CFA is my top priority at the moment. My DODMERB is complete and now I am just in the waiver process with USMA. I...
  8. S

    Success at applying again?

    My DS got his worst news today - rejected from EA. He called his AO but they won't give reasons until after the admissions decisions are finalized. He's not a slouch, Eagle Scout, Captain of sports team (4 years on Varsity), 1400 SAT, 3.7 GPA. Attended CFAD and every local event in our state...
  9. P

    Withdrawing an application and then trying to reopen it

    I don't want to get into the details of why my child withdrew their application to the Naval Academy just yet. All I want to know is... Have you or anyone you known withdrawn their application and then a month later tried to activate it again? Did they let the applicant open it back up?
  10. R

    Math Instructor Letter of Recommendation Question

    I've got a question regarding letters of recommendations from math instructors: A little background, I'm a college freshman intending to reapply to USNA as a college sophomore. Today, I asked my Calc II professor if he would be willing to recommend me for the Academy. He told me that, on...
  11. A

    Re-applying to USAFA & USCGA

    Currently, I am a Junior in high school and about to be a Senior. I currently have a 3.7 weighted GPA and a 3.4 unweighted with a 25 ACT Composite 20 English/31 Math/22 Reading/ 30 Science. Now I am applying to the above-listed academies, but have accepted the fact that with those scores I will...
  12. R

    Readmission 2 years later

    I was a yuk who left in December 2015. I resigned for a variety of reasons. I wasn't the best academically. I had my difficulties physically. On top of that i got hurt. All and all i wasnt ready for the academy, i took my opportunity for granted. I wasnt focused and i paid the price. Now I have...
  13. AeroJH

    Reapplicant College GPA

    Good morning everybody, A quick question on how USAFA admissions looks at college GPA for reapplicants. What is considered a competitive college GPA? I am a declared Aerospace Engineering major currently taking a 20 credit course load. The classes I am taking are Calculus 1, Physics 1, Intro...
  14. E

    Ex-Cadet looking to re-apply to the Academy

    This is an alternate account from my main, just thought I would add some anonymity at the moment. If any of you would like to know more personal information or details as to why I left, feel free to message me and I will send you everything you'd want to know. So to start, I was a cadet in...
  15. Nilet

    TWE, Re-applying, AFROTC, and much more.

    All, The dreaded TWE - one of the worst feelings of an applicant's life. I should know, I received that same letter 2 years in a row. It wasn't until the third application I felt the bliss of the BFE. The Academy is not for everyone. AFROTC is a great option as well, I took two years of my...