1. J

    Could you get a letter of recommendation from a math teacher that you had for a couple weeks in two separate years?

    For my junior year of highschool, I transferred out of AP Calculus BC because my first test grade was bad. For my senior year of highschool, I was in AP Calculus BC for a short time, but transferred to take a different AP class as my school limits the amount of APs you can take to 6. Would it be...
  2. B

    Letters of rec + an obvious question

    I'm a senior in high school looking to go to USAFA or USNA. I've just received two letters of recommendation from teachers, and one from a Veteran I worked with for a Boy Scouts project. I have a couple of questions: 1) Can I use the same letters of recommendation for college and for...
  3. E

    Military Recommendation Question

    As an active duty sailor, I have a question regarding the Military Recommendations. The application states, "Please enter the Last Name, First Name, and Email Address of the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year for whom you want to fill out the USNA Military Recommendation 1...
  4. S

    Recommendation Letters

    I am in the process of applying for the MO NROTC scholarship. On the page where you are supposed to list your references it only asks for the email, address, and phone of the person. Am I to assume that once I submit my application the system will email or call the people listed or is there...
  5. A

    USAFA Teacher Evaluation Process

    Hello, I am a Junior in high school and beginning to apply for the class of 2024. I am looking to complete my application as soon as possible (preferably over the summer), so I want to contact my teachers before school ends so they know what to do when filling out the evaluation form. How will...
  6. L

    Recommendation for appointment letter

    I am currently recruited by a sports team for the academy and just finished my time at a prep school. My coach emailed me saying he was sending in a recommendation for appointment letter. I was wondering if anyone has received this in previous years or can give me some more details on this type...
  7. A

    Applying to Multiple Service Academies

    Hello, I am a Junior and high school and I am planning on applying to the Naval Academy, West Point, and the Air Force Academy. My first choice would be USNA, followed by USAFA and USMA. For example, does the process of applying to three academies differ from applying to just one? If I were to...
  8. S

    English Teacher Recommendation Problem

    So my situation with the English Teacher Recommendation is a little unusual. I've had a different English teacher each year of high school, so I had to choose my most recent one. My English class this year was online through a local college, but I emailed my professor and explained to her what...
  9. DoctorShrinker

    Question on Teacher Reccomendations

    I don't mean to change the subject here, but a quick question since I feel it's appropriate- My school works on a basis of Physics->Chemistry->Biology->Choice (Technically, you could do nothing, but 9/10 people take an AP of any of them) My Physics teacher left. I'm in my Junior year, so I...
  10. W

    Air Force Academy Cadet make it to America's Got Talent

    Didn't know where to post this thread but thought that these cadets deserve the recognition. Congrats to these cadets. But I thought that Cadets couldnt wear uniforms outside of the training/school. Any thoughts?
  11. T

    3rd Letter of Recommendation

    Hello, I got my 2 required letters of recommendation in (English and math) and I'm going to receive one from my Track Coach. Since I'm using the coach letter for my nomination applications, I figured I'd send it to Navy as well because I heard they accept an additional letter. My question is...
  12. R

    Math Instructor Letter of Recommendation Question

    I've got a question regarding letters of recommendations from math instructors: A little background, I'm a college freshman intending to reapply to USNA as a college sophomore. Today, I asked my Calc II professor if he would be willing to recommend me for the Academy. He told me that, on...
  13. R

    College Letter of Recommendation Questions

    I'm a current college freshman thinking about reapplying to USNA as a college sophomore. I realize the application process is a while away, but I'm trying to get my ducks in line ahead of time. My biggest concern right now is what I should do for a letter of recommendation from an English...
  14. K

    Admission Reccomendations and chances

    Hello, I am currently a Sophomore. I would love to attend either West Point or the USNA (probably WP) I know it is a little bit too early to tell weather or not I have a good chance of getting into West Point or the USNA, and I know no one can say for sure what you chances are, but I was...
  15. E

    PFE/Reccomendation Question

    General Question- Does the individual who administers an applicant's PFE also write a personal reccomendation, or do they just report the results ?