Jul 24, 2019
As an active duty sailor, I have a question regarding the Military Recommendations.

The application states, "Please enter the Last Name, First Name, and Email Address of the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year for whom you want to fill out the USNA Military Recommendation 1 Application on your behalf.
The designated Military Official will be sent an email message indicating your request and information pertaining to submitting this application to the United States Naval Academy."

This seems very straight-forward. However, it is confusing, because it references "the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year."

Is this statement referring to a JROTC instructor from High School, since it mentions "junior or senior year?" Or is this referencing certain military jargon that I do not understand? Is it referring to a military officer, or are NCO's eligible for giving a recommendation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
That has me perplexed. "Senior or Junior year" certainly would not refer to college, so it must be High School. Certainly, a NCO would be the right choice for you to start with. He or she may send you up the chain from there, but start with your NCO, is my advice. It could very well be that said NCO would have had this happen before (someone applied to USNA) and already knows the drill. Ask them for advice and direction.

I would expect that any Chief would be ready and willing to help if asked.
However, it is confusing, because it references "the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year."
Agree, it is confusing....

BGO's really don't get involved with Fleet candidates, but there is a Chief in Admissions that handles these issues. I recommend that you contact Admissions (if you don't have the Chief's contact, I can PM you), and ask.

I am usually reluctant to speculate , but will anyway -- I would expect that Admissions would want input from someone senior enough in your Chain of Command to carry some weight, but junior enough to know you. In other words, if you are already assigned to a ship or squadron, either your Skipper (if a smaller command) or DivO (for a larger command). This would usually be handled running a Special Request Chit up the food chain, asking for the opportunity to meet with the Skipper and ask him/her to do the evaluation. This may seem like a daring request from junior enlisted, but a little secret -- if you are the type of sailor that the brass wants to see go far in the Navy, they will be happy to help !
I suspect that this is a computer form bug (i.e., admissions updated part of the form for enlisted applicants, but missed some needed changes - the jr or sr year reference being one such). DS was a college reapplicant and ran into this in multiple places, where the question did not make sense for someone beyond high school.