Admission Reccomendations and chances


Nov 3, 2016
Hello, I am currently a Sophomore. I would love to attend either West Point or the USNA (probably WP) I know it is a little bit too early to tell weather or not I have a good chance of getting into West Point or the USNA, and I know no one can say for sure what you chances are, but I was wondering if someone could look over what I have so far and what I plan to do or am on course to do, to say whether or not I am doing well.

  • My GPA is currently 3.88/4
  • I take all honors classes
  • I plan to take AP US 1&2, chemistry, English 11&12 and Calc
  • NHS (hopefully an officer position there)
  • 3 yrs of Spanish
  • I played tennis my Freshman year and won a letter and got the rookie of the year award (Our school is in a deep deficit and there most likely will not be tennis this year, however I plan to join a tennis organization outside of school or create a tennis club for our school all together)
  • Currently a 1st degree Brown Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate (9+ years in the making and on course to be Black Belt by this time next year).
  • I play intramural sports and go on daily runs outside of school

  • Eagle Scout at 14 and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for 2 years
  • On my Second year of being on our OA lodge's Executive board (currently brotherhood member)
  • C/Technical Sergeant in Civil Air Patrol and NCOIC of Public Affairs (On course to be a 2nd Lieutenant by this time next year and be a flight commander)
  • Graduated CAP's Encampment
  • Plan to Attend Boy's State my Junior year
  • Plan to apply for any academy's Summer seminar (preferably USMA or USNA)
  • Volunteer as Director of our school news/local public access TV
  • Student Pilot (Plan to have my PPL by August next year)
  • Acting VP of my school's political discussion club
  • Class treasurer of my Freshman year
  • SCUBA certified
  • Help feed the troops at my local Army Reserve base on Drill weekends
Planned letters of recommendation-
  • One from my Assistant principal who was a retired army general
  • One from a former Squadron Commander in CAP who writes outstanding letters of recommendation.
  • One from my karate instructor who has know me and my determination for a very long time.

If I remember anything else I will edit this post.

Please let me know if I was unclear on anything so I can fix it .

Please let me know if there is anything I can improve on or add to my resume to make it better.
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Should edit your post to remove your real name. Never a good idea to identify yourself that specifically on here.
ACT/SAT probably the single most important piece of the application equasion. Without that it's hard to even guess.
Okay thank you, I did take the PSAT earlier this year and I am waiting for the results.
Like borvol said, SAT is a key component. Your standardized tests, class rank, and course load make up 60% of your application. 30% is your extracurriculars which you seem to have a very good amount, just strive for leadership. The final 10% is your CFA so just stay fit and keep playing sports. Definitely do Boys State. I attended Florida's and it was one of the best weeks of my life (second to SLE). Just stay focused and keep your goals in mind throughout the next 2 years, you'll be fine. Nominations also look for similar criteria in a candidate, but also the interviews are crucial. Take a public speech class or do mock interviews to work on that. Good luck!