1. FØB Zero

    Active Duty VS Reserves after graduation

    Hi! I’m an MS1 ROTC cadet who is contracted with a 4 year scholarship. I have looked into the differences between AD vs Reserves a little bit but would love to have y’all’s input and help explaining it a bit more. 1. What does being in the reserves look like right after commissioning? Like do...
  2. M

    College Reserves ➡️ Commission?

    Considering enlisting in Marine reserves before and during college, but also would like to become an officer down the road. Spoke with recruiting office today and they told me if I am in the reserves in college, I can commission almost immediately after I get my degree with no OCS or ROTC. Can...
  3. J

    When to get DD 368 for ROTC?

    Since my last thread didn't garner any answers, I'm trying to ask a more broad question about my situation. At what point do AROTC students serving in reserve components of the military need to acquire a dd386 from their service? Is it as soon as they start taking ROTC classes? After their...
  4. C

    Minuteman Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship - 4- and 3- year

    I serve as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) and one of the coolest parts of the volunteer role is that I get to an allotment of Minuteman scholarships. These scholarships are similar to the 4- and 3-year national scholarships except they require a commission in the Guard or...
  5. C

    National Scholarship Winner

    I won a 4-year national scholarship out of high school. I am now an MSIII. Does this guarantee that I'll get active duty if I put in for it? My PMS said he never heard of a 4 year winner not getting active.
  6. C

    Guarantee Active Duty?

    I'm an MSIII cadet in Army ROTC. I know some scholarships are guaranteed National Guard and Reserves. Are there any scholarships that are guaranteed active? PS I am already contracted. Can I get that contract changed to guaranteed active duty if that option exists?
  7. C

    TAB Test

    What exactly is the TAB Test? I took it MSI year and I'll have to take it again now that I'm an MSIII. Does it affect your branching or component at all? Army ROTC by the way. All info is welcome. Thanks!
  8. K

    ROTC/Reserve Units (Advice needed)

    I'm a senior in high school this year and I was looking to enlist in Army reserves after I graduate. However, I can't just enlist in a unit because I need to be non-deployable so I can finish college in 4 years then go active. Is the split-option route good? and am I deployable after...
  9. N

    Commissioning into the reserves

    Hello, I know that the Army has a guaranteed reserve forces scholarship - I’m pretty sure NROTC does not, but uncertain as to whether or not AFROTc does. I’ve heard that it’s possible. Someone told me that if you have an agreement with a reserve unit, you can commission into the AF reserves...
  10. 9

    Law Enforcement or Active Duty Commission

    Currently a criminal justice major and a contracted cadet in the Army ROTC. I am deciding between pursuing active duty in the combat arms OR getting a reserve commission and joining a police department as my full time job. Always wanted to serve in the military but I also know my long term goal...
  11. S

    Army Reserves & NROTC

    I’m in the army reserves and was wondering if I could do Navy ROTC or if I’m restricted to Army because of my reserves contract. I’ve looked for answers to this already but couldn’t find anything on it.
  12. U

    After a USNA Rejection

    Hi, I’m a current applicant to USNA from Fl-08. If a rejection letter comes my way, I’m planning to reapply the next year and go to a near by community college (Because of financial problems) and take Plebe year courses. One of my coaches was telling me about joining the Navy reserves to help...
  13. G

    SMP Vs. Regular ROTC?

    Hi again, long time no see! I'm happy to announce that I'm underway in my third week of freshman college and have been loving the ROTC experience. Recently, the possibility of joining SMP has crossed my mind and has made me wonder what the advantages/disadvantages of joining would be as a...
  14. A

    Scholarship Commitment?

    I received a 3 year army scholarship for college. I sign my contract next year but I'm a little confused about the commitment. All of the army websites say that the scholarship requires you to serve 4 years active duty followed by Inactive Ready Reserves. I really want to move to Los Angeles...
  15. A

    Is Active Duty a Requirement?

    I'm 19 and i received a 3 year scholarship for Army ROTC at college. I sign my contract next year but i have a few questions. My end goal would be Army Reserves. Im a business major and i want to start my business career when i graduate as well as serve in the military so obviously Reserves is...
  16. E

    Competing for ROTC 3yr vs Minuteman

    Looking for some advice as to whether I should compete for the 3 yr scholarship or do the 4yr minuteman guard scholarship. The school would cost me 30k a year so Im wondering if it would be wise to take the risk of getting a 3 year, the ROO told me Im very competitive and he's surprised I...
  17. E

    SMP/Minuteman Questions

    Leaning towards SMP as my school is 30k a year and taking the risk of getting a 3 year ROTC scholarship is a little too much. Questions about SMP... -Is it full tuition? ( i was told by the recruiter that its a 4 year scholarship) -will i ever have to attend basic while in college (and before)...
  18. E

    Minuteman opportunity

    hey guys, so basically none of my plans have worked out, and I was recently informed of the minuteman rotc scholarship. I was denied to USMA, did not receive a national ROTC scholarship, and still have not heard back from USAFA and am still listed as a candidate. (I am going to assume a TWE is...
  19. P

    More service Obligation questions/ Reserves

    Let me start by saying I know this issue has been beaten like a dead horse. But I have a few questions that a google search just couldn't bring up...DD is a freshman on 4 year AROTC. Is it true that they can sign for a direct commission into Reserves instead of waiting for an AD spot? if so...