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Feb 13, 2018
Hi, I’m a current applicant to USNA from Fl-08. If a rejection letter comes my way, I’m planning to reapply the next year and go to a near by community college (Because of financial problems) and take Plebe year courses. One of my coaches was telling me about joining the Navy reserves to help give me a better chance at getting in. Do you think joining the reserves will help earn me a spot at USNA for college reapplicant?
As with anyone exploring any enlistment option as a path to get to USNA, you need to prepare for the worst and best scenario. Worst is you don’t get in and now have a contract of many years. Best case it works out. Also you would need to understand how boot camp, A school, etc would work. Often for those who go reserves they have to take a semester or so off in order to complete these requirements. Also understand the time commitment. In order to get a positive endorsement from your command they would need to see you perform and excel. That doesn’t happen your first drill weekend. So you would need to be prepared for this take a year or two to even be in the position to apply. If your true goal is USNA and you do get a TWE, talk with your admissions counselor and see where your weaknesses are. Understand what the commitment is if you go reserves.
USNA2022CB Yes, if denied this year and want to reapply, enroll in NROTC Program. You can then tap into more Nom sources. Not sure community colleges offer NROTC so you should seek any local city or state college that offer NROTC and apply for local scholarship if too late for National. You may get the Spring semester scholarship. Try to take classes that mirror USNA Plebe year classes. But don't kill yourself taking all of them. I think Cal, Chem, Eng, History would be fine. Good luck!!!!!! And hope you make it this time around.