1. A

    ROTC Resumes

    Hello everyone, I am currently applying to the Army ROTC scholarship but am having doubts over my ability to receive one. For anyone that was awarded one, what did your resume look like?
  2. K

    I am currently a junior, looking for resume guidance

    Hello, I am currently a junior in high school. My current GPA is a 3.7 with an ACT superscore of 27. For my senior year I am signed up to take several college level courses. I have already taken a few college and AP courses as well. I am the battalion commander in my school's AJROTC unit...
  3. S

    Freshman Resume HS- '23 - Help me find the weak spots in my resume

    This is so cool - what the heck?! Anyways I have became fascinated with the academies over quarantine! I put together a resume and I was hoping you guys could point out strengths/weakness's Academic: Freshman: 4.0 GPA (my school doesn't do weighted) Took 2 (math, language) /3 (english) honors...
  4. FØB Zero

    Resume Format

    Hi, I know for etiquette, it is proper to give a 1 page long resume. However, for college/university/SA admissions (or nominations in this case), I feel that they want to know as much as possible about each candidate. If my resume is 2 pages printed, should I cut out certain activities and...
  5. P

    Resume Question

    Ideally, is there certain length that the resume part should be?
  6. P

    Resume Format

    In my application to the USCGA, do you guys think it is worth it to include a resume? I think a lot of it would be a rehash of what is already in the essays or extra-curricular stuff. Additionally, is there a specific format that is recommended for the resume?
  7. G

    How do I look so far

    I realize that it is impossible to get a yes or no answer when asking what my odds are of being accepted into an academy so I am looking for feedback on ways to improve my application and the best way to go about doing it. High School Sophomore (HS Class of 2021) I go to a large 4A private...
  8. U

    Resume Examples

    Hi, may any of you please post good examples of resumes? One that would be an ideal student appointed to the SAs. Also, you are all more than welcome to post your own resume. Thank you very much to all!
  9. G

    Where can I Improve and what are my odds?

    Hello all, I am a senior in high school, and I thought I would leave my resume here to see where I stand and what my odds are. I am applying to both West Point and USNA, and have finished both applications. -Ranked about 28 out of 280 - about a 96% gpa -National Honors Society member - Class...
  10. andreb72


    My DS has his ROTC interview coming up in the next couple of weeks, and we were asked to bring several items, including a resume. Does anyon know if their is a suggested resume format that is recommended or highly encouraged? Or should the resume simply follow the standard traditional formats...
  11. BryceBryceBaby

    What things should I improve on?

    I am currently a junior and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for things to me to improve upon to increase my chances of getting into the US Naval Academy. I also want to have a solid resume by January when the Summer Seminar application opens. I am more than happy to hear any...
  12. R

    What do I put on my Army ROTC Resume

    Hello, I have an my Army PMS interview in one week and was asked to email the professor. I was wondering what I should and shouldn't put on this resume. Should I just put stuff that they look for on the PMS interview sheet that I found online? All suggestions welcome thanks in advance
  13. AeroJH

    Reapplicant, looking to improve resume

    First off, a big thank you to this site. Such great information and the help from others has been outstanding. Earlier this year in April I received the denial letter from the Air Force Academy. Since then I have inspected every aspect of my resume and have taken lots of steps to gain...
  14. 9

    Coast Guard Auxiliary?

    Hi, im a 16 year old junior and will be turning 17 soon. To join the Coast Guard Auxiliary one must be 17 years old. Would joining the CG auxiliary, for the 7 months i'm eligible before I apply to the coast guard class of 2021, help my chances significantly or at all?