1. W

    Chances for getting college scholarship for ROTC

    So I am currently a Junior in High School and I am looking at the ROTC as an option for college and for the 8 year requirement after college. However I really need the college scholarship and wondering what my odds are. I scored 1380 on the SAT have a 3.7 GPA and I am an eagle scout. I have...
  2. U

    NROTC as a Junior?

    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if I may be eligible to join the Navy ROTC Program with approximately 55 credits? Thing is, I am pursuing a 6 year J.D. Program. So, I still have more than 2 years remaining. I heard of people getting contracted in Air Force ROTC, where they're...
  3. N

    Read my AROTC Essay?

    So, I want to do ROTC at Georgetown University or an Ivy League , and I think I have the stats for it, (31 Act, Top 10% of class, 31 Act, 3.82 GPA, Lots of AP class, Lots of varsity sports and leadership, fluency in English, Arabic, and Latin, I'm also Black, so URM status) but I'm worried about...
  4. G

    3-Year Scholarship

    I am currently a rising sophomore at a private university and was thinking about joining the AROTC program that is offered at my school. I was wondering how competitive receiving the 3-year scholarship is and the requirements needed to receive such a scholarship. I have gotten in touch with the...
  5. balfer

    Army ROTC scholarship chances please

    Hi I'm currently a junior in high school and was wondering if you could chance me and give me tips to make a stronger application. Academics- ACT- 33 (I'm hoping to get it up to a 34 in the June test) GPA- ~3.7UW Classes- I took all pre-ap classes that I could freshman and sophomore year and...
  6. W

    ROTC and Division 1 Athletics

    I was recruited by and committed to a Division 1 athletic program. I recently found out that I was awarded a 3 year AROTC scholarship. Does anyone have any insight on participating in ROTC and athletics at the Division 1 level? Any insight and information will be greatly appreciated.
  7. H

    My chances with the AFROTC scholarships

    My name is Drake Huffman, I am 17 years old and am a junior in high school. I have a 3.3 GPA, I am very involved with community service in my town, from mini league football camps, to being camp counselor for 6th graders. I was the captain of the football team and was thinking of running for a...
  8. L

    APFT tips?

    Hi I recently received a ROTC scholarship and want to know if anyone has any tips to do well on the APFT and swim test.
  9. L

    DoDMERB Remedial Good or Bad?

    I have received an ROTC Scholarship for the ECP. I was just asked for additional information regarding my asthma and atopic dermatitis. Asthma was treated completely by the age of 7 and atopic dermatitis by the age of 3. As both cases were treated before the age of 7 I thought that it would not...
  10. M

    DoDMERB for ROTC

    My DS was notified that he won a scholarship for the army rotc at his first choice school. I understand that he needs to pass the physical fitness and DoDMERB before the scholarship can actually be given to him. He also applied to the MA at Westpoint and had to do the physical fitness and ,he...
  11. D

    NROTC Commission

    I am currently a candidate for USNA class of 2020, still CPR like many others. I was notified a few weeks ago that I received the 4 year NROTC scholarship, and will be using that if I end up getting the dreaded TWE. My only concern with going the ROTC route is commissioning after. I have family...
  12. A

    I Can't Contact ROTC Representive Due to Family Issues... Need Help Please

    I do not want to be too open, but I will say as much to frame my situation. My parents did not grow up in America and they cannot see a woman serving her country in any way. If they found out, I can honestly and purely say I do not know what will happen to me. For this reason, even though this...
  13. MissO

    Questions about Army Scholarship Requirements

    Hey everyone! I have some questions regarding requirements for winning an Army ROTC Scholarship. They are not academic requirement questions, but rather questions based around body fat measurements and the PT Test. 1) I am in the process of losing remaining fat on my stomach area, I have about...
  14. J

    Double Major and ROTC??

    Hello, I am currently a senior in high school and I am a fourth year cadet at the Air Force Junior ROTC program at my high school. In college, I am wanting to pursue a double major in architecture (5 year program) and finance (4 year program). I will not be able to afford to pay for this...
  15. C

    NROTC Scholarship Notification

    Hello, I submitted my application for the NROTC scholarship back in August and the AFROTC scholarship in November. Navy is my number one choice and I truly feel like I put a lot of effort into my application. My recruiter told me that the boards meet approx. once a month and release results...