Army ROTC scholarship chances please


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Apr 26, 2016
Hi I'm currently a junior in high school and was wondering if you could chance me and give me tips to make a stronger application.

ACT- 33 (I'm hoping to get it up to a 34 in the June test)
GPA- ~3.7UW
Classes- I took all pre-ap classes that I could freshman and sophomore year and 1 AP, this year I'm taking 3 AP classes but regular math and sciences classes. Next year I plan on taking 5 AP classes.
Class rank- I'm somewhere around the around 20%
-I'm interested in a humanities type major
This is where I am concerned. Starting my sophomore year to present I have participated in the sport of fencing. Last year I was very competitive and went to the junior olympics but now I do it more for recreational purposes. However, this is not a school affiliated sport. Ido it at a private club. The only school athletic experience I have is being on the football team freshman year.
-Member of most select choir
-NHS member
-VP community help club
-Worked at Walmart for 6 months
-Economics for leaders summer program
-Most likely Boys State this summer
-Plenty of volunteer hours
-Multiple scuba diving certifications
-I'm currently running for an officer position in our choir program and student council but I don't know if I will get them
-internship with local GOP election
Headquarters last year
-I might get the opportunity to learn to fly this summer
I believe I can max out push-ups and sit-ups. I need to work on my run. My pft scores should be near perfect.

*I don't believe my interview will be an issue

Any chances and tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
Believing you can max out and actually doing it are two very different things. Take a practice test and see how you do for the PFT. Then you will know for sure. Check out Stew Smith's website and advice for how to improve running.
There are definitely a lot of threads about this topic. My recommendation would be to try to set up a visit with the ROO (Recruiting Operations Officer) at a school you are interested in, and that will give you a better idea of your competitiveness for a scholarship. If you are too far away, email or call, my daughter just got a lot more out of the visits then just connecting by phone or email, but it did take some traveling on her part. I know my daughter made connections with three different ROOs early in the process and they were very helpful with her journey. Remember that you definitely cannot get a scholarship without applying, just get in contact with those that can actually help you. There are a few ROOs on this board that a very helpful too, hopefully @clarksonarmy or @BAMA ROTC will check into this thread as well. Good luck!
I only did a year of football in High school and still got the scholarship, so I wouldn't worry too much about athletics (though I'm sure my extracurriculars made up for that). Make sure you get into Boys State, as that would help greatly. As for your grades and test scores, they are very competitive. I wouldn't worry too much about getting your ACT to a 34... 33 is already a top score.

Mind you, I'm just basing my observations off if what I have seen this past year. It could very well change for the next boards. Your best bet is still contacting an ROO, as dckc88 has said.
Your stats are better than my son's and he got a scholarship.
Try to interview at the school you want to attend.
My son's interview was at the closest AROTC school and lasted 15 min.
It obviously did not hurt him but I do not think it added anything. The Capt. filled out there form and it was over.
And stay out of trouble.