1. G

    Coast Guard Academy Scholars CGAS Prep Calendar Schedule

    Would someone post what the Coast Guard Academy Scholars "CGAS" Prep Calendar Schedule looks like? Does the school calendar year mirror the academy's? My understanding is CGAS student report to the academy for the first 3 weeks of Swab summer, but then what? Do you then travel to the prep...
  2. Jpgrrrl11

    USAFA Academic Schedule?

    This is a simple question, but my DD wants to clarify. M-days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, meaning you have M-day classes three times a week. T-days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, meaning you have T-day classes twice a week. I know some classes are not on this exact schedule, but is this the...
  3. M

    USMA 2020-2021 Calendar

    Any idea when the 2020-2021 calendar will be published? We have a family wedding, a soon to be 15 year old wanting to schedule drivers ed over the summer, and I'm paralyzed with planning until the calendar is published. I've read about R-Day's 'brief' send off end of June first of July, then...
  4. S


    Hello all, I am currently a freshman and re-applicant to USNA attending a 4 year university in California and I am enrolled in our school's NROTC program. I have molded my schedule around what a plebe at USNA might take, including Calculus, Chemistry (with lab), and an English Comp. class and...
  5. H

    Reporting Day Schedule

    Anyone have advice on parking (what time to arrive, where to park, traffic)What time do parents typically leave campus? A time estimate on how long it will take to get to the gate (from KP to La Guardia including dropping off a car rental) on a Friday afternoon would be appreciated as well...
  6. flygirl17

    Academic Stats/Junior & Senior Schedules in Line?

    I'm a current junior who is tentatively applying to two service academies- my family is a Navy fam so I will be applying to USNA, and USCGA because their mission appeals to me. Lately I've been really worried about how my academics will stack up. In early December I emailed the track coach for...
  7. A

    Still No DoDMERB?

    Hi everyone. So I've pretty much done my entire application for USMA. My CFA scores were sent over a week ago but haven't been checked yet in my portal (I think the administer may've submitted the scores via mail) however that was accomplished. Also, my last SOE is supposed to be submitted...