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  1. FlyingDog2435

    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2027 USAFA Appointment Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to Questions, Chatter and Congratulations for the Class of 2027!!! All reappointees may also use this thread as they wish. I hope this will turn into a Mini tradition since it has been a great success and it would be great to get it started early! Like last year...
  2. T

    Limitations on Service Selection

    Will the academies ever give waivers to applicants if it limits their service selection upon graduation? For example, would they waive a condition that maybe cannot be considered for waiver to enter aviation but would be fine for other assignments? I understand many factors are taken into...
  3. FØB Zero

    Exchange student at academy

    I know people at academies can stay at another academy for a semester. Do ROTC cadets have an option to stay at an academy? If not, what opportunities are there to work with SA cadets/on SA campus?
  4. FØB Zero

    SA vs ROTC

    Trying to make a decision, but really lost bc I love both paths.... especially since they both end up same place. Please comment all pros and cons for both that you think of with a little bit of detail. Thanks!
  5. S

    VP Nomination Application Confirmation?

    Hello, Yesterday I submitted my application for the Vice Presidential Nomination and never got a confirmation email of any sort. I got a little pop up that said "thank you for submitting" and it just refreshed the page. Since every other nomination source has sent out a confirmation email I...
  6. K

    International Academies?

    Looks like USNA (among other academies) accept international students. Let's flip the roles here a bit, just for fun; are there any other service academies in the world that would accept U.S. students? Has any body here been to another country's service academy? It can be naval, but doesn't...
  7. G

    USCGA Medical/Application Question

    Is it normal for this academy in particular to first view applicants/candidates applications first, then decide if they want to pursue certain applicants and sub-sequentially want to look at the candidate's medical DoDMERB status? It seems like other academies look at medical status while...
  8. D

    What are my chances of getting into a service academy?

    I have been very dedicated in going to the military after college, and decided that a service acadeny would be a great route if I could get accepted. I am a junior in high school ranked top 4 percent in my class of 240 (gpa 4.0) and am going to get my sat to 1350 or higher (1280 now) by my...
  9. K

    Why Did You Choose USMMA?

    Like I said in another recent thread, I was 3Q'd to USMMA, all I need to do is sent in my grades and I'll receive an appointment! So I'm USMMA bound, class of 2022. I was wondering why everyone here, yourself, your kids, nieces, cousins, etc, chose KP. I have my own reasons, but sometimes...