1. K

    Graduate School Directly After College/NROTC

    I am interested in attending graduate school (with interests in pursuing either a MPP, MPA, or MGA) right after I complete my undergraduate studies and receive my commission from NROTC. I want to know what are the possibilities of the Navy allowing me to do this, and what the commonality of...
  2. N

    Advanced Standing

    How difficult is it to get advanced standing? I will be joining as a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Since I am transferring schools, my GPA will start over, so I don't know that it would be of the most relevance to this question right now. I know this is a difficult major, but I am...
  3. X

    ROTC Scholarship Megathread

    Hey, everyone. Since the Army ROTC scholarship is set to release results from the 2nd board around February 1st, I was thinking about doing an ROTC scholarship megathread for all branches. This way, all of the seniors applying for the ROTC scholarship can relay potentially helpful information...
  4. afrotc2022

    2018 AFROTC HSSP Statistics

    Here are some stats that AFROTC HQ released for this year's HSSP results. I looked around to see if anyone else had posted and they hadn't, so I hope I'm not duplicating here...o_O High School Scholarship Program: - 5,581 submitted applications - 2,851 eligible applicants - 2,789 interviews...
  5. whalerty

    How many LOEs are given out? Any statistics on likelihood of admission?

    Hello all, So I received a Letter of Encouragement from West Point a little while ago. Despite this I'm still nervous about my potential for being admitted. I'm sure many on this forum will understand, that no matter how many good signs you get you still question every bit of your application...