summer seminar usafa

  1. R

    Summer Seminar Essay Feedback

    The question for my essay was: Do you have any personal life experiences where you have overcome adversity or challenges that have shaped you into the person you are today? I was mostly focused on creating a balance between my personal experience and leadership philosophy. I really wanted to...
  2. T

    Summer Seminar Application Question

    I am currently filling out the application for the USAFA Summer Seminar and I was completing the Extracurricular portion. The problem is, I filled out 10 entries for the extracurriculars and then I could not add any more. It seems as though this is the limit. Because they require you to separate...
  3. Astromatter

    Trouble With Seminar Application

    I submitted my US Air Force Academy 2021 Summer Seminar application last week. After submission, the "your application has been submitted successfully" message appeared as expected. However, once I returned to the home screen, it said my application was 15% complete and that I needed to finish...
  4. BBF2003


    This past week I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to attend the Naval Academy Summer Seminar as well as the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar. My dad and I decided that I was going to attend both. I understand this it's going to be a challenging couple of weeks. That being said...
  5. N

    USAFA Summer Seminar Details

    Hello! I just got accepted to the USAFA Summer Seminar and just had a few quick and general questions. Anyone have any advice on what I should do to possibly prepare for the Summer Seminar? Does anyone have any general advice for the Summer Seminar or just anything they think would be useful...
  6. FlyingWings

    Summer Seminar Question(s)

    I was filling out the questionnaire for USAFA's Summer Seminar and I had a few questions. 1) The application says to "list any high school courses that you've taken." Does that include all classes (electives and core classes)? Also do I put down classes that I'm currently taking? 2) If I have...
  7. A


    I was accepted to AFASS this morning, and shortly before I received my email I registered for the NASS. I am also registered for girls state, which is the same week as AFASS I know that USAFA and USNA are very different and I would learn a lot by going to both. My concern is that going to girls...
  8. G

    Summer Seminar/Pre-Candidate opt

    I am a junior and will be taking the SAT in March, but I have 700 Reading/730 Math on my PSAT. Should I opt NOT to have my SS application be the pre-candidate application since I do not have SAT's yet? There is no SAT in January, so March is the next time they are offered. Thanks so much.
  9. Tigerplane77

    (Me again) Standardized Testing Problems Application update: During this school year I recently won a spot on Student Council Leadership Board and became the Vice-President and one of the founding members of the Mu Alpha Theta Chapter...
  10. J

    Typical day at USAFASS

    I'm attending the USAFA Summer Seminar Session 2! I was curious as to what the normal schedule would look like! Thanks!!
  11. usafadreams

    USAFA Summer Seminar

    I got accepted to USAFA Summer Seminar about a month ago. How much does Summer Seminar factor into your acceptance to the academy? I have a 3.91 GPA, 1540 SAT, National Honor Society secretary, violin teacher, concertmaster of my orchestra, intern on a Senate campaign, 6 AP classes so far, a...
  12. A

    Accepted Summer Seminar

    Congratulation to those who got accepted into summer seminar. I got accepted into it. I will be attending Session B.