1. C

    10 years since rejection: some words of encouragement for those feeling down

    I like to hop on this forum a couple times a year as I remember it being a huge encouragement to myself during the "potential candidate" days. Today I had the realization it has been 10 years since my first TWE arrived and I found myself in a spot of reflection. Hoping my experience can bring...
  2. M

    For those of you who received a TWE and want to try again.

    I'll keep this short and sweet but just in case some of y'all didn't know you can contact your admissions representative for your region and review your application one-on-one with them. I recently did this and found it to be extremely useful as they will tell you what you did right and what you...
  3. A

    TWE recieved. Need advice

    I received my TWE today from the Naval Academy. As a third-year community college student, I feel like I'm stuck in the mud because I really don't have a plan B other than continuing my college course work. I went from a 2.3 GPA in high school to a 4.0 in college because I gained interest in...
  4. I

    Any CPR receive TWE?

    This is more of a curiosity to see where the admissions process is at but has anyone that was CPR with a nom received a TWE for 2023?
  5. I


    I know that TWE's have gone out to those who did not complete the application but does anyone know if any TWE's have gone out for candidates who completed the application?
  6. B

    NROTC Questions??

    hi!! it's been a while since i've been pretty active but i know it's about the time that the last TWEs are going to be sent out soon, and people will be weighing other options. I'm currently finishing up my freshman year as a college programmer in an NROTC unit at a private 4-year university...
  7. A

    Qualified... Now What?

    Received official correspondence from USMA Admissions that I’m now fully qualified and have been put on NWL. It’s the standard letter but after looking around more on my application I found this: “ Once all application requirements are on file (marked with a ), including Nominations and 7th...
  8. I

    Wait List/TWE last year to Appointment this year

    It was suggested that I share my experience as a college re-applicant and some lessons I have learned along the way. Considering how much this forum has helped me keep my sanity during this process, I hope this can help some people who are currently CRP or who may receive a TWE. I am going to...
  9. RSTFamily

    Complete but Disqualified

    I'm a father of A Candidate... My heart dropped in disbelieve this morning when my son showed me the online email received. My son is also in disbelieve, filled with emotions...His heart and soul wants so badly to be part of the "Whole Air Force Academy Experience"...He wants nothing less but...
  10. fightingfalcon2020

    CPR...with no nomination?!

    Hello everyone, Even though I recently accepted my appointment to USAFA, I am still CPR'd for the Naval Academy....and I don't even have a nomination. I will be going to USAFA no matter what but I am really curious as to why Navy hasn't sent me a TWE yet.
  11. Nilet

    TWE, Re-applying, AFROTC, and much more.

    All, The dreaded TWE - one of the worst feelings of an applicant's life. I should know, I received that same letter 2 years in a row. It wasn't until the third application I felt the bliss of the BFE. The Academy is not for everyone. AFROTC is a great option as well, I took two years of my...