1. F

    USNA vs Plan B

    So if I still have the CPR status by May 1st, should I withdraw my application from consideration to USNA because my Plan B school has a deadline on that date. Would it be worth to decline my Plan B school and wait for a potential appointment to USNA or rescind my application and commit to my...
  2. ktnatalk

    Plebe Academic Handbook

    Here is the link to the Plebe Academic Handbook for Class of 2020: Other than the dates will be different, I don't expect it to be changed much. You can get a pretty good idea before reporting on Induction Day.
  3. F

    Application Status

    My application was submitted in the middle of January. To this day, it is still under the status of CPR. Just curious about the ETA for a notification would be.....I know I submitted the application a bit later than I should have..TYTY
  4. ktnatalk

    January Candidate Visit Weekend

    For those who attended CVW (parents and candidates), especially those departed this morning, how was your experience? What do you think when you see the firsties wearing their future uniforms based on their service selection on "warrior friday", and soon to be SWOs even wearing the ballcap of...
  5. thenextTopGun

    NAPS Chances

    Hi everyone, I wanted some input on my chances of being offered a NAPS appointment. -I already have a nomination. -Four soccer Varsity letters including team captain senior year. -150+ volunteer hours -Senior class officer 6/8 senior year classes are AP or DE -GPA 3.7 (last semesters GPA was a...
  6. thenextTopGun


    I have a couple of retired Commanders that have known me for my entire lifetime. They both are willing to do anything that they can to help me out. Would having additional recommendations from two O-5s be beneficial in any way? Thanks! By the way I do have a nomination.
  7. M

    I've seen people getting LOAs so far...but has anyone been appointed yet?

    I've seen quite a few people on here say that their application is 100% complete with a nomination already. I'm in that boat as well - Presidential nomination, medically qualified, BGO interview done, qualified on the CFA, completed the rest of my application as well, etc. - and have been...
  8. ktnatalk

    Enlisted Applications to the U.S. Naval Academy

    The All Navy message soliciting applicants for Class of 2021 has been released: If you are an enlisted Sailor or Marine and you are on this forum, take a close look at the requirements and speak with...
  9. tommyboy44

    Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award

    Hi, I have a quick question about the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award (HOBY). I was selected last year from my school to recieve the award through an interview, essay, and teacher evaluation process in November-ish. I was wondering if this is a noticeable accomplishment or if it is just...
  10. D

    What does Junior year CVW mean?

    I got invited to the CVW back in February. I went, and my passion to attend the Academy grew. I was just curious, is there a chance I will be chosen as a Candidate come July, considering I was already invited to attend the CVW?