1. A

    College Student

    Hello all, I am a third-year community college student, still waiting to hear back from the Academy. I read somewhere that the admissions office reviews college students' applications last. Is that true? In addition, out of all the applicants, does the academy make sure to accept a certain...
  2. S

    If I don't know, should I assume?

    I'm a student that has applied to USNA and USAFA. I got accepted to both summer seminars, my blue and gold officer told me that I am an extremely competitive applicant, and I got two nominations to USNA and one to USAFA, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Should I just assume that I haven't...
  3. E

    Plan B?

    Saw an interesting post on the USNA forum and thought it would be great to pass the time waiting for USAFA appointments. I would love to know what all of these amazing candidates have as Plan B options! My DS has a type 7 AFROTC to UCONN in Mechanical Engineering so far. Still waiting on...
  4. GA5Fighter

    The Waiver process and Waiting Advice

    Just found out that my waiver was granted and that I am now medically qualified. This was the last thing that I needed to be "3Q". I admit that I was caught off guard when I saw the good news. Guess I had become used to opening the portal every week and seeing "Waiver requested". For any future...
  5. BurntENDZ

    MOC Strong Recommendation to NAPS

    DS did not receive nom from MOC. However, the MOC letter indicated that they were "strongly recommending" DS to NAPS. Does the recommendation help?
  6. THParent


    I just thought I would mention a few things about WAITING, based on what I have seen as a new user on the forum. This is a list of my opinions and observations, and I am trying my best to inject a little dry humor as I go. Unless you're an astronaut, you're not getting off this planet alive, so...