1. B

    NAPS Frustration

    Hello! I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a while now, I figure now is better than ever to take part. I’ve been on the NAPS waitlist for a while now, getting my notification on April 13th at around 9 am. But since then? Waiting and being miserable. It certainly isn’t my only shot, I’ve...
  2. realgreendayfan87

    Reapplying from the fleet

    Hello, I was just placed on the waitlist for the USCGA class of 2028, as a current high school senior. While I'm holding out for an offer in May or June, I'm basing my plans off the assumption that I won't make it off the waitlist (even if I do, I'll have a very short time period to deal with...
  3. B

    CGAS Waitlist Help

    Hi! My DD was offered waitlist for the CGAS program on 4/1. She accepted immediately, and today she received an email requesting she complete the DoDMERB medical exam. There was no time frame listed. Is there a time frame to complete this? Also, is this a good sign? Not sure what this means for...
  4. billthegoat2026

    Committing to an Academy…Last Minute Offers?

    I realize that the academies occasionally waitlist an applicant, only to offer them an appointment last minute. What happens if you commit to one academy, but you get an offer from another academy afterward? Would it be frowned upon to “un-commit” from the first academy in order to pursue...
  5. E

    CGAS/Application Question/Help

    First off, some backstory. Last year, I applied to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. I ended up on the waitlist for CGAS. I never got off the waitlist, and in reality I'm very lucky that I was not outright rejected as I had no medical on file (I was in a tough spot and chose to enlist ASAP instead...
  6. 2

    USAFA Summer Seminar Waitlist

    I applied to Summer Seminar in December. In February I received a notification saying I have been waitlisted. Has anyone else been waitlisted and heard back from their waitlist status? Also does anyone know the likelihood of being selected off the waitlist? I still have the waitlist status in...
  7. P

    Enlistment Contract vs Waitlist

    I recently found out that I have been waitlisted for the CGAS program. I understand that decisions for the waitlist may be available after May 1st. This normally would not be a problem, except that I have an enlistment contract with a ship date of April 29th. I understand that I will most...
  8. P

    Waitlist Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program

    I have just recently been informed I have been waitlisted for the CGAS program. I'm very lucky to have gotten this far, as I did not even think I would have a substantial chance of even being considered. Can anyone provide information about last year's CGAS waitlist and the chances of getting...
  9. G

    Waitlist Tracker for End game TWE or Appointments

    Can we start a post of those on the waitlist to see how things turn out? I saw one for class of 2022 and many received a TWE within days of getting on the list and some went further. I think it would give those on the waitlist something to stay in the game and on the forums for. I saw several on...
  10. P

    Chances of getting off Summer Seminar waitlist?

    I just learned that I was waitlisted to USNA Summer Seminar, how often is it that people get off the wait list? I think I have a generally solid app (35 ACT, national-level award, solid speech/leadership side) even though I don't have stuff like JROTC on it, if that helps give any context.
  11. I

    Wait List/TWE last year to Appointment this year

    It was suggested that I share my experience as a college re-applicant and some lessons I have learned along the way. Considering how much this forum has helped me keep my sanity during this process, I hope this can help some people who are currently CRP or who may receive a TWE. I am going to...
  12. USNAismyplace

    STEM Acceptance

    Just got accepted to STEM with my twin from the wait list, now we have to confirm our travel plans by Tuesday, and figure out if we can take our final exams early. So, I have a question. I have visited USNA multiple times, so if I go to STEM will I see more of the school than I would on a tour...