1. G

    Waiver/Procedure Question

    I am requesting insight into a strange situation after having conducted my general medical exam today. First, off, I am enlisted in the military. I have gone through MEPS before and have also passed a flight physical exam with flying colors. With that in mind, I went to a civilian doctor for my...
  2. J

    If I am over the weight limit for the Army?

    So I received the AROTC 4-year scholarship and am going to Vanderbilt next year, and am currently scheduling my DoDMERB exams; however, I am a couple pounds over the Army's weight vs height limit. Will this prevent me from being able to go on scholarship? Will I be ineligible to receive my...
  3. G

    Class of 2022 HT/WT Standards

    *URGENT* I am an accepted candidate and have just noticed that not meeting HT/WT standards on R-Day make you ‘subject to immediate dismissal’. I am between 5’11-6’0 and weigh 212 lbs but I am not fat and lift weights daily. Should I be worried? Please inform me on testing body fat and these tape...
  4. GA5Fighter

    Boys State USMA Application Weight

    I have recently been sponsored by my American Legion post to attend boys state. It has come to my understanding that there are many different positions available at boys state. I was wondering how much weight boys state holds on the application for USMA and which government positions I should...
  5. H

    Air Force ROTC Scholarship

    I am currently a High School sophomore, about to be junior, and I am set on going to college on a ROTC scholarship. I have a 3.9 GPA, and I am yet to take either the ATC or SAT. Although I am sure that I would be able to pass the SAT and ACT requirements for the two tests, but my concern is...
  6. O

    Weight Question

    I wondering what I should do about my weight situation. I'm 205lbs, 5 feet and 11 inches which puts about 20lbs above the West Point goal but by body fat percentage in 21-22% which is close to the 20% that West Point wants or is permmissible. I wanted to take during my final year in high school...