Class of 2022 HT/WT Standards

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    May 10, 2018
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    I am an accepted candidate and have just noticed that not meeting HT/WT standards on R-Day make you ‘subject to immediate dismissal’. I am between 5’11-6’0 and weigh 212 lbs but I am not fat and lift weights daily. Should I be worried? Please inform me on testing body fat and these tape measures I have seen around the forum.
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    Recommend you familiarize yourself with AR 600-9. If USMA has different standards someone please pipe up.

    By Army standards you would have to be taped at that weight. They measure neck and waist and use a formula to calculate body fat percentage. You're authorized 20% if age 17-20. If you're not fat you'll be fine.
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    Feb 15, 2017
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    Agree with above but would add that between now and R Day you may be better served by trading some weight room hours for cardio and core workouts.
    Carrying a few lbs less into Beast will not hurt you and might be a blessing even if it is not all fat you lose.
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    If you are physically fit and do not have excess body fat, you have nothing to worry about. They will use a tape measure test and/or calipers to estimate body fat if you do not pass the height/weight category. Google "tape measure body fat test" to get an idea of how that test works.

    Agree with Midwest Dad - do lots of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and running. I guarantee that if you knock out 20 pull-ups on R Day you won't get sent home for weight.
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    BLUF: Have small waist circumference and a larger neck circumference.

    The army seems to dislike former football linemen and people who don’t fit the build of thin athletic running body types, but at long as you can pass a tape test you’re good. The army requires all males to be <=20% Body fat based on the army body fat test (google it) and as long as you meet that standard, you’re fine. I was in a similar boat in ROTC last year and am currently above the weight for a person who is 5’8”, but as long as you meet standards in AR 600-9 regarding body fat composition, you’re in good shape. This doesn’t mean you can’t sit back and breathe easy, train hard and keep slimming down for Beast. But know that just because you’re bigger than your standard does not mean you’re too big for the army.
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    Google DA Form 5500 US Army along with AR 600-9 from 2013 ( which is on the USMA sight) and it will tell you exactly how to tape and score. My DD has to tape sometimes due to her height and build.