Sep 18, 2023
Are cadets required to pass both methods of BF% calculation? I did some unofficial calculations, and using the first method, my BF is around 32%, but using the second method it's 26-27% (depending on whether the weight in my DoDMERB portal is used or the weight I took just now. I was about 1 lb lighter just now). It's interesting to me that there's a 5-6% difference between the 2 methods, which is the difference between a pass and a fail.
I'm pretty removed from the application process, but as an old grad, I recommend you treat it like body fat percentage in the operational army. The army used to do body fat measurements with multiple measurements. It is now moving towards lesser measurements; however, if you fail the lesser measurement one, you can get measured at multiple points. That being said, I recommend you try to pass both standards of measurements. This will prevent any stress of potentially failing body fat, but also you want to look the part as a leader. Don't want to walk that fine line of pass/fail.