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    If my family leaves Germany, could I stay behind if I have a job?

    Hello Everyone, So I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, but I am trying to get more information, and hopefully one of you could clarify this for me. My dad is working as a contractor in the reserves here in Garmisch Germany and I am his dependent. My family has been here for...
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    Does Work During School Benefit My App?

    I'm applying for the Class of 2023 and I made it past the PCQ, fairly confident I have at least a chance at getting an appointment but I'm still going to try to improve myself in the time span I have. My only real question is to what extent does working 15-20 hours a week on average during...
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    Air Force Academy Application.

    Hello, Would the Air Force Academy consider my service as "work." I do get paid. However, I cut grass and wash cars for people in the neighborhood when needed.
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    Spouse at BOLC

    Hey all! My husband is going to BOLC in January, and I am going with him. (I know there are differing opinions whether spouses should go to BOLC or not, and for my husband and me, we've decided it will be best for me to come.) We will be there on a TDY basis. As it gets closer, I'm getting...