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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by 95Nikole11, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Will I be disqualified from receiving an NROTC scholarship after getting a medical exam done for DoDMERB and being 7 pounds above the weight limit? Is there a waiver for this?
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    Did they measure your BMI? Did they measure your waist and neck? Are you sure you were overweight? There is more to the limit than just simply being over the weight. If you are over then they figure your Body Mass Index and determine from that. Do you know you were DQ'ed? If you haven't been informed that you were disqualified, you won't need a waiver until you are informed. And you cannot get the waiver, NROTC would request it.

    All that being said, I expect as long as you're within weight when you report you'll be OK, but I'm really just guessing. But once you're within limits stay that way. I know of folks who were mere weeks away from commissioning and were tossed from AFROTC and had to repay their scholarship because they were outside the limits. Don't be that guy as it can cost you dearly.
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    It's my understanding that DODMERB doesn't DQ for being overweight. That's up to the services. If you are overweight, the SAs at least check BMI before making a decision.

    You shouldn't have any issues with your current weight. You should be within weight by the time you "report." You have PLENTY of time to lose 7 lbs. If it truly is muscle weight, the BMI will take care of that.
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    I agree with usna, I have never heard of anyone being dq'd for weight. I have heard of being dis-enrolled, but not dq'd.

    As it has also been stated they will check their BMI before this becomes an issue.

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