A few DODMERB questions


New Member
Sep 3, 2020
I have finished my exams, yet I have a few lingering issues that I want to get resolved as quickly as possible. I am applying to USNA and NROTC.
First, in the events section of my DODMERB-DMACS form, will my eye exam results be shown? I took it way before my whole body exam, yet it does not show up there.
Second, how do I send my results to the NROTC program? I selected both USNA and NROTC on my packet, except only USNA shows under "Agency."
Third, is it an issue that I can not schedule an appointment for my whole body exam on the DODMETS website? The site must not have accepted what I put in before my examination, and now after the examination, I can not enter a date.
Finally, it says that I need a waiver for food allergies. According to the letter I got, the Academy and NROTC will either wait until I am competitive or immediately start the waiver process on their own. Am I correct in assuming I do not need to pursue a waiver on my own, even though I have heard otherwise?
Thank you!