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    I'm writing this thread solely based on my knowledge of AROTC.
    There's a couple of points I want to hit after being in a lot of your shoes 3 years ago.

    1. I know this is a pretty stressful time to a lot of those who were not awarded a national scholarship. However, if AROTC is what you want, and you really want to commission, then stop worrying. Seriously. You have plenty of opportunities to receive the same scholarship on campus. You're still going to have to compete for it of course. Trust me, it's not the end of the world.

    2. Please don't consider going SMP solely for the financial benefits. I used SMP as my plan B three years ago after I didn't receive a national scholarship and it turned out to be the best decision ever. However, a lot has changed since then and you're not able to collect tuition assistance until a year after you complete AIT, not just basic. If you do SMP, make sure your GI Bill kicker is in your contract. I was screwed out of it and it has taken more than a year and a half to receive my kicker. I'm not down playing SMP. It's a great route to take for the experience, especially if you're wanting to commission into the Guard or Reserve.

    3. I cannot stress to you how important your PT and GPA will be when you join ROTC. Two of the three national scholarship recipients at my school, no longer have their scholarship or are in the program. Why? They couldn't pass their APFT and their grades were horrible. GPA is 40% of your accessions grade and your APFT is 15%. You literally have full control of 55% of your future. The other 45% has plenty of other variables that might take things out of your hands just a little. Regardless, as an officer it's expected of you to have a high APFT and maintain good physical fitness.

    The reason I stress PT and GPA is because I didn't have it together my MS I year, well I only had one semester as an MS I. I came into my MS II year with a 3.06 CGPA and a 276 APFT. However, I knew that if I wanted to get active duty, things had to change and quick. I finished my MS II year with a 3.70 CGPA and a 346 APFT, because of that I was able to go to Airborne school and I was selected for a CULP mission this summer. I'm now standing at the top 3 in my class with a 3.78 CGPA and a 367 APFT going into LDAC. I by no means am trying to brag but merely trying to show you that it's not impossible, especially if I did it. I was only afforded the opportunities I received because of my GPA and APFT. Also, the two four year scholarships were given to two MS Is with a 290+ APFT.

    4. Please, if you're in JROTC, don't come into ROTC with the mentality that you know so much more than everyone else. It's a huge pet peeve of mine and many other MS III/IVs. Come with an open mind that's ready to learn and soak in everything that you're going to be taught.

    There's a couple of other things I'd love to touch up on but this is already pretty lengthy. Anyways, this might have been redundant but I hope it gave a least some of you a little insight.
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    I second this. All JROTC taught me that was applicable was how to march.
    We've lost about 10 MS2's so far this year, plus others from all other MS levels. Some couldn't pass the 180 minimum APFT, others couldn't stay above the 2.0 minimum GPA. A couple got arrested. One kid was from my hometown and I saw him over spring break bagging groceries. He couldn't keep his grades up.
    Be careful. In reality, a 250 APFT and a 3.5 GPA is what you need to be safe.
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    Great post. You've got a lot OF insight to contribute to younger AROTC cadets, so don't let three years elapse before your next one.

    Good luck at LDAC and CULP. By my own informal standards, 367 APFT places you above stud and below freak. Well done.
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    Great for these soon to be cadets to get a dose of reality from current cadets.

    I assume when you say a 250 APFT and a 3.5 GPA you are referring to getting active duty.
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    Great post.

    I will say that our DS and Bullet also had the JROTC pet peeve too.In AFROTC there is also CAP cadets.

    JMPO as a person that dated her DH during AFROTC, and a Mom that had a DS commission AFROTC 25 years later, the one thing that didn't change during that quarter of a century between the two was everything RAG posted.
    ~~~ The financial aspect especially if you get the national scholarship.

    There is only one 1st impression, although you may be proud of those JROTC days, don't brag about them the minute you step foot in the unit. It only sets up for highlighting yourself, and probably not in a good way. Bullet and DS use to joke about how a C100{AFROTC) would say to a POC "In JROTC we did it this way...". It comes across wrong, as if you are doing 1 of 2 things.
    1. You are trying to correct the POC in their methods
    2. LOOK AT ME

    The comment also typically was answered the same way....YOU are not in JROTC anymore. It would be akin to when you go AD and telling your O2/O3 directly in charge of you that ROTC LLAB trumps their operational experience.

    Finally, I would also say when it comes to the scholarship, once on campus, the cadre and the cadets don't discuss it. It has been said millions of times on this forum. The slate is wiped clean. The cadet that was a superstar in HS and won a scholarship does not equate to being the superstar in ROTC. The same can be said about JROTC. It is a whole new world with all new aspects that you never had to navigate in HS.
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    Thanks for your post RAG93. My DS will be entering NROTC in the fall and we are not a military family (nor was JNROTC available at our school) so he will be pretty clueless. I appreciate your words of wisdom as well as the additional comments on this thread. I am going to make him read it after his rugby match today. :)
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    +1 navymom

    RAG93, thanks very much for taking the time to share - hindsight is usually :) 20/20, and your perspective will help newbies start off on the right foot.

    Definitely going to share with my DS.
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    +1 RAG93
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    +1 RAG93 for sharing your experiences:thumb:, and +1 to EDelahanty for making me laugh.:yllol:
    "By my own informal standards, 367 APFT places you above stud and below freak. Well done."
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    What do you mean by safe? For keping a contract a 250 might be okay, but your high GPA figure makes me think you are talking about getting AD, ect. Not realistic with anything less than a 270.
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    thanks for the post

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