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May 28, 2018
Hello All!

Just wondering. Do the Kings Point Admissions Officers interview candidates like West Point, Annapolis and Air Force Academy do? Or are candidate interviews not a a normal thing for them? I can't seem to find any information about USMMA candidate interviews on this site, their site or any other site.

My son didn't have one. I haven't heard of anyone else having one, although that doesn't necessarily mean they don't do them.
My son did not have an interview. It was not part of the admissions process as of last year.
No interview for my son. He did go on an overnight visit. I’d highly recommend that if at all possible.

Hi, my DS received an invitation letter for over night. Do they have admission forum or any plan activity for the parent? before or after or both days? Where you stayed? Thx
My son and my husband made one day trip together; there was an admissions forum with a video that my husband went to with my son, and then after that they separated and my husband just walked around campus. When my son did the overnight, he traveled alone. Both times they got an airbnb in Great Neck.
My husband took my son for his overnight visit. I believe there was an admissions briefing, then a meeting with the athletic coach. After that my husband left campus and stayed at a nearby campground as it was August when they went. We have stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Roslyn and an AirBnB in Port Washington. Both were about a 30 - 40 minute car ride to Kings Point.
If you would like a reccomendation for a terrific and reasonably priced Airbnb in Port Washington, please pm me. If you don't have a car, it is only a few blocks and an easy walk to the train station in Port Washington for the Long Island RR which takes you into Great Neck. An easy bus or uber ride from there to the academy gates.
There's no requirement for a field admissions rep to interview USMMA candidates, though it would be a good idea. I'm both a field admissions rep for USMMA and a Blue & Gold Officer (admissions rep) for USNA. When I do the interviews for USNA, I discuss USMMA as well because I know USMMA is a great school (I'm USNA '87 and my daughter is USMMA '20). In the past, those that want to pursue both I try to help out as much as possible and even contact USMMA admissions with input regarding the candidate. I have two prior USNA candidates that were not successful getting into USNA, but did get into USMMA. I couldn't be the rep for my daughter for USNA, but she didn't get in despite getting both USMMA and NROTC to George Washington Univ (among other schools). She ended up right where she should be and loves USMMA, but I've digressed. If you know a candidate that interviewed with a USNA BGO and also wants to go to USMMA, reach out to the BGO and ask if he/she could forward the interview write up to USMMA (provided it was a good one!). Sometimes that makes all the difference in this highly competitive application process.
I had the Director of Admissions call me for a brief phone interview. Basically it went like this "So we've been looking at your transcripts and we've been wondering. Just what exactly have you been doing for the last two years?"
USMMA does not have explicit interviews with candidates. However, the college coaches do contact your club/HS coaches, and if you're on a visit, you might get the chance to speak with some admissions officers.