Advice to Future Generals: Read Them Dang Emails

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by EDelahanty, Aug 29, 2011.

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    May 7, 2010
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    FG Delahanty arrived on campus one day before he was authorized, eliciting the (reportedly) mild irritation of his ROTC liaison. Idealists may attribute his premature advent to a gung-ho attitude. Cynics may suggest he wanted to claim the best desk and bookshelf in the dorm room. However, the real reason he slept on the floor of my hotel room that night was that he had never troubled himself to read the arrival instructions emailed a month earlier by his cadre.

    Oddly, at least one other genious in his ROTC class did the same thing.

    He returned to campus in strapping condition, though. Summer accomplishments included by my count 15,000 PU, 15,000 SU, 1,500 pullups, 300 miles (some in combat boots), and six buckets of golf balls (but, alas, not a single fish). I am fairly certain his biceps now exceed the size of his brain.
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    I love your sense of humor:shake:

    Yes, the best whipping we get is often times the one we give ourselves.....
    bet he reads the emails in the future:smile:

    Hope the rest of his first year goes a little more smoothly for you.
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    Can't tell you how many "where" and "what time" emails I get that are replies to emails that explain "where" and "what time".
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    And think about it only a few weeks ago you were probably bragging about how responsible and mature he is for his age! Funny how fast that opinion changes!

    Clarkson, I bet you probably feel like this by the end of the day answering the emails.:bang::hammer:
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    Problem is that you make the make it too simple and clear in your emails. :yllol:

    DD spent a bit of time volunteering at the local ROTC unit while home this summer, so the PMS decided to invite her to the move in BBQ being held for the freshmen in the dorms since she was still in town at that date. She received the invitation in the format of a multi-page Operations Orders written with very good tounge in cheek. I think the humor was a good way to engage the recruits to read carefully to understand exactly what was to occur. It was quite well done and I didn't hear about anyone missing dinner.

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