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Nov 23, 2008
Hello to anyone who can help...

We were out tonight and when we came home there was a message from AFA admissions saying that she wanted my daughter to call her back to discuss her file.
On the website it says that they received her nominations.
Can anyone shed any light on this? I know it is vague.. but is this a good thing or not? :confused:

Any ideas are welcome... while we try to wait until tomorrow.. although my daughter did call back and leave a message since the office was closed, saying she was returning the call and would call again tomorrow after school.

I heard sometimes they lose your file and make you start all over! No, i'm kidding, but it can't be all that bad! it might be something like "hey, your application is complete." I got one today saying that i needed to turn in presidential nom stuff. My advice is to not worry about simple stuff like this. Good luck though!
Ha ha you are funny... lost the file. I think all applicants should be an associates degree in red tape and determination just for successfully filling everything out correctly.. let alone passing the DoDMERB. I know.. I am trying to breathe.. there is nothing on there that is not verified... Oh well. Maybe they have some advice for us helping our chances or something.
get an assoc. degree.. not be. Guess I need sleep.

Anyone else have any ideas besides.. we misplaced your file? :eek:
How can it be anything bad? If it were, it would come by mail, me thinks. :biggrin:
Think positive: maybe your daughter's admissions counselor is about to take the file before the board, s/he reviews it and notices one point that needs clarification. Maybe the board meets on Wednesdays (remember, I'm just guessing! I have no idea how often they meet or what day of the week!) -- how to resolve it? A quick phone call.... You just happened to be out.

(Besides, if they misplaced her file, how would they know a number to call???)
Thanks.. we are just nervous and in need of hand holding.. or joking.. good one.. which number to call?
weathermom; for me, the glass is ALWAYS half FULL. Things will be fine. Good luck to your daughter. As for the "Red-Tape" issue; your daughter hasn't seen anything yet. If she's fortunate enough to get an appointment and get into the academy and air force, she will truly learn what red-tape and "Hurry up and WAIT" means. She will have a greater appreciation for many things. LOL!!! Good luck and have a great day. mike.... :biggrin:
The glass may be half full, but most of that is backwash, so I wouldn't drink it.:biggrin:
My daughter got a personal phone call from her West Point Regional Commander. He called to offer her an AOG Scholarship to a prep program.
I forget where she was when the call came but she was not home, naturally! It seems these kids are never home!

My guess is they are calling because they have a question or want to make an offer.
Hang tight! I would think it is definitely not a negative phone call.
Our DS got a call asking for clarification on certain items. They wanted a letter from his tae kwon do instructor explaining exactly what the Olympic team was, how many hours they trained, how many weeks, verification of national championship. This occurred because he did not play sports in school. At the same time they wanted a letter from his boss where he lifeguarded about his duties, how many hours he trained and what the training process was. Again this was due to the fact that his sports were not the typical scenario. It could be that in their file they want it to be the best and they need to tweak it to show that what can perceived by the board as something deficient actually isn't. Don't fret too much about it, but get it done...for us this happened about this time last year, I remember because they wanted it in before the last board met before xmas break.
Thank you for the comments..

Did you son or daughter gain admission after the clarification?

I will let you all know what the outcome is... keep our fingers crossed.... does anyone know anything about the Prep School and offers? I mean do they do it this early? I would have thought they would wait until March to see if grades go up, or who else applies.. etc. Is Prep school slots being offered on a rolling status as well?
Thanks in advance to anyone who may give a thought on that.. or even better someone who has gone through or heard of others going thru the same thing.

I am so glad I found this site!!
Yes they do prep school offers this early and continue them into the spring. Wait and see what/if is offered and then come back - there are a couple of different programs.
And if one gets a Prep School offer this early but suddenly everything goes uphill?
Does the SA recant and offer an appointment?
(Or once you get a PS offer, that's it?)
If a prep offer is granted, and the candidate WCS increases to earn an appointment, they will offer the appointment and another individual will get the prep slot. I have seen many instances where a prep candidate got an appointment late - like in the May time frame.
My son got an unexpected call from the AFA offering him a trip to visit and spend two nights. He was pulling out of the garage in his car and I ran the phone to him. He was shocked. He didn't have a pencil or paper or anything to write down information.

Feel lucky that you have time to prepare for the call! Hopefully it will be great news.
Hi all!

Good comments all around.

From my perspective (AFA ALO) when the counselor calls it's usually about a question or request they have regarding a candidates file. The counselors are there to help the candidates and it's their goal to have each candidates' file "complete" so that they may go before as many appointment selection boards as possible.

The more boards, the better the possibilities is the thought.

Of course some calls are different and might have some sort of a "good deal" attached but from my experience it's usually a request to clarifiy a file.

Thank you for your input sir. We have played phone tag the last two days. She had committments from 4-6 PM EST on both days.. and when she calls at 2 the counselor was at lunch. She would call back at 6EST, but they go home at 4....Today is the day to stay home and get this nailed. It is good to know that they want to help.