AFOQT Scores


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Jun 29, 2019
I am a pilot hopeful in the class of 2022. As of now I'm ranked high enough to be competitive for an ENJJPT slot but my afoqt scores were pretty awful:

Pilot: 31
Navigator: 21
Ac. Apt: 55
Verbal: 35
Quantitative: 75

I'm above the minimums at least, but I grossly underestimated how much time would be a concern for me in this test, I expected it to be like the ASVAB which I got a 98 on, and I did no prep work. I've always been better with harder questions and more time and never studied for standardized tests. Right now I'm concerned about even getting a pilot slot with these scores. Should I take it again, and if I do, how can I prepare adequately?


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Mar 4, 2011
I would advise you take it again. If you did this with zero prep, your scores will only increase on your second attempt if you prepare. The best way to prepare is buy a study guide from Amazon that has practice tests in it, and do as many practice tests as you can for several weeks prior. Make sure you set the time limits during the practice tests. The limited time per section is what gets people. Being able to move from one question to another quickly, jumping over the tough questions, completing as much as possible, then revisiting the time consuming questions is the key for doing well.


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Dec 12, 2012
@bigbetcadet: Your concerns may be better served on website. Beware though, that forum is... different then here. This forum is for people interested in entering into the service academies. Good luck.


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Jul 26, 2008
I'll be a little more blunt, if those scores are honestly your scores...plan on a non-flying career unless you retake them.

If you check with AFPC detailers for 11X and 12X career'll find SUPT entry scores were not uncommonly in the 90's for pilot and 80's for nav. The other areas are typically above 70.

Get a study guide, work with others, get comfortable with the test and retake it if you're afforded that opportunity. Unless the AF shortage is so severe that they're "overlooking" AFOQT scores (maybe they are, I haven't asked that question) your scores are too low.

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Jun 21, 2016
Studying for it and taking practice tests will help. YOu can buy study books on the AFOQT. Yes your scores are low especially your pilot score. Understand that they take pilot score from the AFOQT and combine it with your TBAS test to come up with your PCSM score. To give you reference, my son got a 95 on the pilot section and when added to his TBAS test score he wound up with a 70 PCSM score. With 201 flight hours, his PCSM score was 98 with 99 being the highest. My son didnt get picked for ENJPPT. Average PCSM scores for UPT is like high 60s-low seventies. ENJPPT guys are around high 80s to mid 90s. Of course they look at other things besides your PCSM score.

Be excited if you get chosen for UPT and if you get chosen for ENJPPT even better. You really shouldnt concern yourself with getting into ENJPPT. Do the best you can and hope you get a pilot spot. Going to ENJPPT is just gravy.