1. F

    Retake AFOQT?

    I am currently an AS100 in an AFROTC program who is looking to go rated and compete for a pilot slot. I just got my AFOQT scores back. I got a 79 for Pilot on the AFOQT. My FA score is 97. Current GPA is 3.4 (Technical Major). I have 0 flight hours but am going to try to get 10-20 over the...
  2. B

    AFOQT Scores

    I am a pilot hopeful in the class of 2022. As of now I'm ranked high enough to be competitive for an ENJJPT slot but my afoqt scores were pretty awful: Pilot: 31 Navigator: 21 Ac. Apt: 55 Verbal: 35 Quantitative: 75 I'm above the minimums at least, but I grossly underestimated how much time...
  3. T

    Retake AFOQT

    I just took my AFOQT last week and I passed my Quantitative Reasoning section however score a little but below for verbal. Does anyone have any tips for studying to retake? Any specific book suggestions?
  4. C

    Is my PCSM competitive for 19OT01 Pilot

    Hi, Wondering if I can get some insight on how competitive I am for the next board date in January. I scored well on my AFOQT, Pilot 88, Nav 83, Acad Aptitude 95, Verbal 92, Quant 90. The TBAS was okay; the directional orientation was cake, the horizontal and vertical tracking was fine, and I...
  5. JD1776

    Question on AFOQT Scores

    I just received the following scores on my AFOQT Pilot- 48 Nav - 50 Acad Apt -55 Verb - 71 Quantitative - 43 Based on my AFOQT score alone, how competitive do you think I would be for Pilot? What about CSO? Should I consider a retake to improve my scores? I fear that since my scores are all...
  6. USAFMitch20

    Chances of getting a Pilot Slot

    I am an AFROTC AS200 cadet. It seems that everyone is asking this question these days, but what do you think my chances of getting a pilot slot are? I have not gone to field training yet and I have 19 flight hours. Here are my scores: Major: Non-Tech GPA: 3.39 AFOQT Pilot: 97 Nav: 61...
  7. M


    Hello all, I was wondering how much AFOQT factors in for SFT selection (and commissioning if that). Also, is AFOQT comparable to SAT/ACT? Would I need to worry if I got a high ACT single-sitting score? I'm taking the AFOQT this upcoming semester at the detachment. Thanks!