AFROTC Chances of Active Duty if on Scholarship

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    What are my chances of not being able to commission into Active Duty after completing my AFROTC requirements, and on scholarship. Does being on scholarship have an impact on that decision? Does your major/career field have an impact? What are the factors in determining who will commission into active duty or Air Force Reserve?
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    Pima will correct me if I'm wrong but all folks who commission as officers is the Air Force go active duty. It isn't like Army where some go active and some go reserve.

    I should add that AFROTC is a really a 2+2 scholarship. You must be selected to attend SFT between sophomore and junior years in order to commission, otherwise you are dropped from the program. So, although you go active duty if you commission, commissioning is not guaranteed.

    That's my understanding anyway.
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    Being on scholarship does not improve your chances at earning an Enrollment Allocation. This is because it is not a factor at all; EA boards are scholarship blind. The only criteria are your Commander's Ranking, GPA, SAT/ACT, and FA. I can tell you that if you were good enough to earn a scholarship, you are probably good enough to earn an Enrollment Allocation. From time to time, the AFROTC may also hold Foreign Language boards for those majoring in critical foreign languages.

    You academic major is a factor; AFROTC cadets are split between technical majors and non-technical majors. These majors compete in different boards for EAs. Historically, the technical major has had a higher selection rate than the non-technical because tech majors board before non-techs. However, a non-technical major may end up with a higher GPA by virtue of their coursework and be more competitive come selection time and down the road. If you want to be a pilot, for rated selection your academic major does not matter.

    Intended career field has an impact on selection. If you intend to volunteer for rated duty (Pilot, RPA, CSO, ABM) you are boarded separately regardless of academic major. If you are pursuing a career as a nurse, you are boarded separately.

    The Air Force only commissions Active Duty officers. There are instances where they may consider commissioning cadets into the guard/reserve such as during force reductions or extremely sub-par performance as a POC.

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