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    Hello all. I'm a sophomore in AFROTC and today I found out my DODMERB had been placed on pending status until I get some things resolved. I noted in my questionnaire that I had briefly seen a counselor during my freshman year of high school, seeing as I had some issues going on at the time. I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety and put on medication. However, after a few weeks I decided to stop going and went off the medication, because I felt I didn't need it any longer. That was six years ago, I have not had any mental health issues since. I disclosed this on my DODMERB, seeing as they asked for all medical history. It got flagged, stating that I don't meet the DoD medical standards.

    I went to my cadre immediately and discussed it with them. I'm going to get my medical records in line and send it off as soon as I can, and my LtCol is going to put me in for a waiver. Does anyone with similar experience know what my odds might be of getting one? I'm on an accelerated program doing my first two years together, so I would be going to field training next summer. My LtCol said it could interfere with my schedule, which is very tight. Should I be concerned about that as well?

    I'm pretty distressed about this situation, seeing as I didn't think my DODMERB would be a problem. I switched my life's plan to go into the Air Force, so I haven't thought about what I'm going to do if I can't get in. Does anyone have any advice? Sorry if situations like this have been posted before. :(
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    Good luck- our DS saw a counselor at age 11. Now is freshmen I college and failed DoDmerb as well due to diagnosis of similar thing . He had some repetitive annnoying habits that called labeled OCD by small town PCP. He took meds for 6 months which did nothing and we sent him to counselor for 6 months because it was causing more family distress than anything. DS maintains a 4.o through entire school career , was valedictorian, state level athlete, and highly successful. Still DQ for AFROTC. We had an ex military psychiatrist consultant state he had misdiagnosis and that he is FIT to serve. Still no clearance from DoDmerb.
    I suggest you get multiple psychiatrist consults and keep submitting to DoDmerb to support your mental health. That’s what we are trying . Good luck.
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    Are you already on scholarship? Unfortunately, the military views things differently if they've already invested money in you.