AFROTC In College Scholarship tips?


Nov 3, 2016
I will be joining Air Force ROTC at CU Boulder this Fall and unfortunately, I wasn't offered a high school scholarship. I really want to work hard, do well, and try to get an in-college scholarship since the money would really help my family and also being contracted has some extra opportunities I'm interested (Airborne school, USAFA freefalling course, soaring, etc.). Does anyone have any tips on what will make me stand out and have a better chance at being offered a 3-year scholarship?
Thank you!
Do things that will show you'd be a good officer candidate: get A's, volunteer, show up on time, be in great shape, stay out of trouble, take initiative when you can, have a job (that shows dedication), etc.
Also, if you're in need of scholarship money, keep searching. And go to the financial aid office - many times there is scholarship money left over from students who didn't attend. Look into on campus work too.
Good luck!
How to guarantee a scholarship:

Get a 4.0
Get a 100 on the PFA
Do a tech major
Be #1 in your class

Those are the only tips I can give you that would guarantee a scholarship. Other than that, it's a toss up. Just do the best you can in school and physical fitness, be involved and act mature, and hopefully things will work out.
The other posters have pretty much given the essentials, but as someone actively doing afrotc right now heres my 2 cents

first off, the military budget is super high and thus it is one of the best times to join rotc - given that show up ready to perform with your game face on.

One of my best friends who was a CP worked her butt of all semester getting a 3.8 gpa, maxing her PFA, doing honor guard/drill team/arnold air society. After that she did something I thought was very smart of her. She went to each of the cadre one by one and had a little "chat" about what they thought about her performance and what she could do to better herself. They saw this very highly and she found out 2 days ago she's getting a scholarship even though she is non-technical!
Yes. Type-1 ICSP recipient here. The major tips are above, but if I can add one more thing, make sure that the cadre knows how badly you want it. Go participate with enthusiasm in all/most ROTC activities and events and pursue everything with excellence!
I think my daughter's ACT (SAT) score played into it as well. She had a national scholarship, then lost it (long story) and was immediately given an in-college scholarship and I know they definitely wanted to know what her ACT score was. So yes, to all of the above and then this.