AFROTC medical disqualification (pneumothorax)


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Feb 9, 2018
About a year and a half ago I had a spontaneous pneumothorax (in short, it was caused by my height and high growth rate). I had surgery to fix it and so far everything has been perfectly fine, I’m fit, play sports, and according to the Major I interviewed with I would have passed the PFT with flying colors based on my PFA scores. Everything was fine until recently I got a really bad cough and my lung had a minor collapse. It was small enough that it didn’t even appear in initial X-rays. It’s healed up now but the problem is there is a record now of this happening. The doctor I saw (an army vet) said that it wouldn’t be a problem due to it’s minor appearance and that as long as I called my thoracic surgeon and had him write a letter stating I would be fit for service, I would be fine.
Is this accurate? Is it time I explore non-military options? I’m terrified that I’ll lose my scholarship and not only lose my future career but also be stuck at a school I can’t afford. While this is the worst case scenario, if it is the likely scenario I would like to be prepared for it. Any advice would be much appreciated