All Female Submarines

Oh my. The 21st Century has arrived. Who would have thought they would have made All-Female crews? How innovative.

Imagine a CPO who chose Subs to get away from his wife and her mother - wonder if she read the article - :eek:
I don't believe I've seen this posted elsewhere here. Apologize if I missed it.

The Navy plans to make two Virginia-class subs all female. Not a joke.

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cool idea... but...

just think what'll happen if 1/2 of them all hit that "special happy time of the month" at the same time...

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"This is way overdue," insists Lt. Hanne Bright, an up and coming naval officer. She is among 340 female officers and chiefs who have been selected to initiate an abrupt change in Navy policy; the manning of submarines by women.

Lt. Hanne Bright's quote at the end of the article: "Move over, sailor."

I love that line!
My bet is they will blow the other subs out of the pun intended, but the last thing anyone should ever do is make a women feel like she can't do it!:shake:

G*d Bless America for allowing this...and remember the statement you said when you were 10 yrs old...SHE SANK MY BATTLESHIP!:yay:

OKAY...we still love you guys !
I just discovered this was only an April Fools JOKE! :yllol:

(check the date of the article)
OKAY let's get real...we knew it was a joke ...seriously, how stupid can we be...the NAVY has no sub with a woman on it, but yet they decided to hand over a multi million dollar sub to someone with no experience...We are good at givining directions, but I don't think we are that good:shake:
you blew the cover off the story too soon! There weren't quite enough sexist views expressed yet - :wink:

Now if we could only figure out what upsidezdown was talking about......:confused: :wink:
I'm visualizing a screenplay for a pr0n flick about a male stowaway on an all female crewed sub.........:wink:
I'll be damned! They finally went and did it! :eek:

If it works (and why wouldn't it?), why not?

Operation Petticoat comes full circle! :biggrin:

ETA: Oh, drat. It's a fake? :frown:
I like the related articles at the bottom of the website....

"Half-Price at Macy's"
Luckily nothing would change, 100 sailors would go on, and 50 couples would come off.
Operation Petticoat comes full circle! :biggrin:
My all time favorite Navy movie! Cary Grant and Tony Curtis - gotta love that Pink sub!

male stowaway - lol. good one.