Amount Accepted From District?


Dec 10, 2016
Hello, if my congressman nominates 10 slate nominees to USNA, how many will get accepted out of those ten? And I keep seeing that your chances increase if you are 3Q with a nomination, so in theory if they only accept 1/10 from my district (all 3Q), my chances would be only be at 10%. These do not seem like great numbers to me. It would be helpful if someone could answer my questions and statements and also provide some extra helpful info. Thanks!
Could be 1. Could be all 10.

Some who have MOC noms might also have Pres, ROTC or other source of noms and could thus receive an appt that way. Also, the 9 who don't win the slate go into the national pool. Depending on how they stack up against the others in the pool, additional nominees could receive an appt thru this route.

In our super-competitive area, it's not unusual for multiple candidates from a slate to receive appts. In other areas, it may only be 1 person.
Only those that are 3Q can be appointed. So in theory if no one on the slate is 3Q USNA won't appoint anyone or all 10 can be if all are 3Q. Only 1 will be charged to the MOC. There could be someone on the slate who is also on a senator's slate or have a Presidential nom. Also anyone with a MOC nom who does not win their slate and is 3Q will go to the NWL and can be appointed off of that.

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