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  1. F

    Waiver Denied

    I just learned yesterday that my waiver for USNA was denied, but I have not yet begun to fight (thank you John Paul Jones). I can and will appeal their decision, so I wanted to ask if anybody has any advice or experience with the appeal process they would be willing to share. Or are there...
  2. T

    Current Midshipman Q&A- Here to help!

    Hey everyone, I am a current plebe (Class of 2026) at USNA and willing to try and answer any questions ranging from the application process to life at the academy. As a little background reference, I am a reapplicant having been originally denied out of high school. I did a year of college...
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    Hello all, this is my first post but I couldn't decide whether to study at usna or nortc. I want to be swo. So I asked for your advice
  4. FØB Zero

    Special Olympics L/S

    Hey y’all, I was the special olympics team captain for a month and I’m curious if there is a section where I would mark for “sports team captain”, does this count? Thank you!
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    I am a high school senior and I have accepted my offer to USNAPS, but I am having an issue with my anatomy class where I have a 45 and there is nothing I could do about it at this point. All my other grades are: Calculus scholars: 82 English honors: 86 Government: 98 Music: 97 Gym: 82 Would my...
  6. D

    USNA-Summer Seminar Application- 1/2019 Question

    Hello-- (sorry for the length of this post) ***PLEASE HELP SERVICE MEN AND WOMAN*** I have a question I hope a few USNA Alumni (who attended)--OR USNA-Professors/Instructors could help with. My husband was a USNA- Alumni-90' but he never attended the Summer Seminar offered for Juniors in high...
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    CFA question

    I am one of the 14,000 people who were rejected from USNA last year, and now that I am all settled at the University of Georgia (go dawgs) I have begun the process of reapplying, and I have been working out as much as I can to prepare for a CFA, but now I think I have been approaching it wrong...
  8. A

    From Texas A&M '21 to USNA 2023

    I have completed my first year in engineering (accepted to mechanical) at Texas A&M and am 100% sure I want to stop here and go to the Naval Academy. I want to take on the rigor of the academy, experience the incredible community there, and earn a commission to hopefully be a pilot for the US...
  9. O

    SE Ohio - Informational Night - Athens, Ohio - April 16, 2018

    The academy coordinators for Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman will be hosting a seminar in Athens on Monday, April 16th!! Interested students who would like to learn more about the congressional nomination process can RSVP to the senator's academy coordinators...
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    Realistic chance to get in?

    hello, I am currently thinking about applying to the naval academy in a few years, and I am a bit insecure about how my application looks. In terms of academics, I have a 3.6/4 GPA, and take all Honors or AP classes. I have about 70% of my grades A's and the rest are B's I have not gotten...
  11. T

    Losing Hope

    I haven't given up the ship yet, but my dad (USNA '83) has started discussing more about the alternative plans I've set up, and with each passing week my personal morale is beginning to drop. My district is very competitive, and it's clear now that I wasn't my congressman's principal nominee...
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    So today during my last wrestling practice I broke my Fibula. So if I get accepted to USNA should I inform them about the condition? And could this result in my appointment being taken away? I really hope not and I hope that under candidates out there do not recieve my misfortune.
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    After a USNA Rejection

    Hi, I’m a current applicant to USNA from Fl-08. If a rejection letter comes my way, I’m planning to reapply the next year and go to a near by community college (Because of financial problems) and take Plebe year courses. One of my coaches was telling me about joining the Navy reserves to help...
  14. amassusna

    USNA DODMERB - DQ for D155.8 Eye Astigmatism

    I have just received notification that my DODMERB Medical Status is: Remedial Requested due to a Code: R259.10 - It states: "Applicant pending Disqualification for D155.8 - Astigmatism in excess of 3.00 diopters, must complete AMI(s) before waiver processing may be considered" I am asking...
  15. J

    Blue and Gold Officer

    Hello Everyone, Many people have told me to establish good connections with my BGO, but I am having difficulty with some things. First, how do you know who your Blue and Gold Officer is? I checked on the USNA website (, and I saw three BGO (for VA). I was...
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    Hey, I was just at the Naval Academy last week with a group and one of the things we did was attemp/practice the CFA. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some good exercises that would help me improve more. -How do I improve my Basketball throw distance? -How do I increase my Pull-Ups? -How...
  17. usafadreams

    CVW Workout - Worried

    I was really excited to be offered an opportunity to attend a CVW at the Naval Academy. I'll be there later this week. But, I know we get the chance to work out with the midshipmen on Saturday morning and I'm worried I'm going to fail and that will go badly on my record. When my dad was doing...
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    Waiver chances

    I am applying for USNA and my dodmerb status is Pending waiver from USNA. I was DQ for history or current opacities of the lens including cataract. Has anyone seen this before and seen a waiver denied or approved. My vision is fine and i have never had or needed glasses. I passed every eye test...
  19. N

    Amount Accepted From District?

    Hello, if my congressman nominates 10 slate nominees to USNA, how many will get accepted out of those ten? And I keep seeing that your chances increase if you are 3Q with a nomination, so in theory if they only accept 1/10 from my district (all 3Q), my chances would be only be at 10%. These do...
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    US NAVAL Academy

    1. **I am about to to turn 17 and I wanted to be in the us navy like my brother. After taking to my brother about the navy. he said that I would make a good officer. So I went online to look at my options of how to become a officer of the U.S. Navy, so I looked into US Naval Academy and nrotc...