Anyone from NJ?


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Sep 14, 2008
Anyone hear back Menedez and Lautenburg yet?

Lobiondo hasn't even contacted me for an interview yet...? :unhappy:
Just look up the Mays Landing phone number for your congressman and give Bill Carson a call. No need to panic.
Got the letter today!! You did your research LOL. I called to confirm he's outta the office till Monday..
The NJ Senators have another round of interviews this week, I was lucky enough to have met the man who runs the interviews while I was waiting for my second interview, he said that we should expect to hear in the beginning to middle of January.
Another round?!?!?? My goodness that's like 3 or 4 weekends of interviews. They said the did like 50 each day, wow. Long wait till mid jan, my birthday a the 14th so maybe I'll have a nice present :D
Yeh he also said that NJ was one of the most competative states for getting a senatorial nom. high population density sucks.
Actually you are better off from No NJ, b/c they tend to go the IVY route or Out of State, they have very little exposure to the SA's and military life. South Jersey has McGuire AFB, FT Dix, Monmouth, Earle, and then add in the USNA only 1 1/2 hrs down 95 plus Dover in Del., which means you have alot of military exposure, AD parents and retirees. However, with the moniker Flyersboy, I am guessing McGuire is somewhere you are familiar about. Remember the Sens don't care where in NJ you are from, just that you are from NJ! Good luck

BTW Bullet and I were NJ natives, and actually married at McGuire
I too am a native from Northern NJ and that is true, very little exposure to the SA!
Pima, Im way below McGuire, Im down below AC, Im done below OC. I love it way down here though :D

Our congressman is very competitive to USMA and USNA but not so much USAFA, so I guess im lucky.
See Im the opposite, I live about 5 minutes away from Mcguire and Ive grown up in a military lifestyle because both my parents are Air Force. And its not to different here, in fact, a lot of people disagree with the military where I live. Although, for my school, we have a lot of kids attending SAs. Ill be the fourth in two years. One to USAFA, one to USNA, and 2 to USCGA, including me.
Do you know if our senators do principle noms or competative? Anyone from NJ that can answer this??
I'm not sure, I was wondering the same thing. But we dont have to worry till we find out if we got it lol. still nothing.......
I recall someone on here ly that was from NJ, and if I recall correctly they did comp. It is not the norm to give a principal, most give comp. However, that doesn't mean they are locked into giving comp or principal every yr.
I HOPE, it would be great if I got the nomination this week, eagles won, 24 starts, my birthday is wednesday. But if I hear and I didnt, I think that would crush everything.......

We're from Jersey too. My son received a nom from Saxton, and interviewed with the senators people, but hasn't heard back. We are from southern Jersey. Flyersboy-just curious where are you from? Are you going to the CVW coming up?